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Old information
This page is not updated anymore; for more up-to-date details look at the language specification at instead. Developer documentation, such as the development environment setup or some detailed description of the internals of VIATRA is still maintained in the wiki.


We provide a detailed tutorial for VIATRA at

Bugs and feature requests

  • Read our guidelines on how to write a great Bugzilla issue.

Components and features

The VIATRA project provides five different, high-level components of various aspects of model processing:

Name Description
VIATRA Queries A high-performance query engine for evaluating graph pattern-based queries using different strategies
VIATRA Model Transformations (VIATRA-MT) Specify and execute batch and event-driven, reactive transformations
VIATRA Design Space Exploration (VIATRA-DSE) A rule-based framework to explore design candidates as models satisfying multiple criteria
VIATRA Complex Event Processing (VIATRA-CEP) A framework to specify reactions upon detecting complex sequences of events
VIATRA Model Obfuscator The obfuscator can be used to remove sensitive information from a confidential model (e.g. to create bug reports)

In addition to these components, VIATRA also provides a set of addons as reusable and integrations to allow seamlessly integration to

Name Description
Data binding Defines observable values for the JFace Data binding library
Query-based features Specify EMF derived features with graph patterns
Validation Define validation rules with graph patterns
Viewers Define view models using graph patterns and display them in various viewers
Editor and model integrations Support to attach VIATRA to different editor kinds, such as EMF tree editors, GMF or Graphiti based editors, and also some libraries with query based feature definitions
MWE2-based transformation chain integration A library to include VIATRA-based transformations in MWE transformation workflows

Contributor's Guide

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The documentation of the old, VPM-based project is available from VIATRA2.

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