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Trace Compass

Note: The contents of this page is obsolete and is migrated to Trace Compass Wiki.

This page aggregates all the wiki pages related to the Trace Compass project.

General information about the project

Contributing to Trace Compass

User Guides

Guide Versions
Trace Compass User Guide Latest stable


RCP-specific instructions Latest stable


Trace Compass Developer Guide Latest stable


Pcap Support User Guide Latest stable


GDB Tracepoint Analysis User Guide Latest stable


Additional Trace Types

The following trace types are provided under the Eclipse Public License V2.

  • Gerrit logs; User Guide
  • System logs, including these listed below; User Guide
    • Catalina, an implementation of Apache Tomcat.
    • HAProxy, high availability proxy and load balancer.
    • HTTPd, HTTP server log.
    • JVM GC, Java VM garbage collection log.
    • OpenSSHd, Open Secure Shell server log.
    • A simple SSH failed-connections XML analysis, to see the cause of connection failures wrt the user.
    • PostgreSQL database logs
  • Hadoop logs -from Apache Hadoop, a distributed file system.
  • Microsoft Teams client log.


Looking forward

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