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Stardust/Knowledge Base/Java API

NOTE to authors: Please make sure to specify the version on which the example was tested. 
All version numbers < 7.0 refer to the Infinity Process Platform (IPP)

NOTE: The ServiceFactory caches the authenticated Stardust services for the user. For use in a production environment it is important that the clients cache the ServiceFactory per user. Not caching the ServiceFactory means that a new login will be performed for every interaction with the engine.

Process and Activity Instance Lifecycle

  • Stardust Workflow Service in Action
    • Starting a Process
    • Activating and completing an Activity
    • Aborting an Activity
    • Delegating an Activity
    • Suspending an Activity
    • Fetching the User Work List
    • Submitting Process Data

Monitoring, Events and Event Actions


Organizational Structure & Authorizations

Process Data

Document Management


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