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Stardust/Knowledge Base/Java API/Event Binding

Event Handling

Runtime unbinding of activity events and setting data path of process instance)

(Versions: 5.3.x)

In certain scenarios you want to unbind an event (e.g timer) associated with an activity instance during the runtime execution of your process instance, and also set the value of a data path defined for the process. The following code snippet shows how this can be achieved:

for (int i = 0; i < lActivityInstances.size(); i++) {
   Activity ai = (Activity) lActivityInstances.get(i);
   workflowService.unbindActivityEventHandler(lActivityInstances .get(i).getOID(), "timer");
   HashMap outmap = new HashMap();
   workflowService.activateAndComplete(lActivityInstances.get(i).getOID(), null, outmap);
   workflowService.setOutDataPath(lProcessInstances.get(0).getOID(),"date", outmap);

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