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Papyrus IC/Architecture

Papyrus IC logo

This page is managed by the Papyrus Architecture Committee

Committee Members

  • Chairman: Remi Schnekenburger (EclipseSource)
  • Reibert Arbring (Ericsson)
  • Keith Brown (OneFact)
  • Per Jonsson (Saab)
  • Johann Krautlager (Airbus Helicopters)
  • Philip Langer (EclipseSource)
  • Florian Noyrit (CEA)
  • Simon Redding (Zeligsoft)

Minutes of Meetings (MoM)


2016H2 / 2017

As defined in the 2016-09-15 Architecture Committee Minutes, the plan for 2016H2 and 2017 is as follows:

  • Combining Textual and Graphical Modeling (Lead: Simon)
    • Research project Zeligsoft and EclipseSource
    • Goal for Architecture Committee: Have an architecture for combining textual models with Papyrus diagrams/tables
  • DSML Task force (Lead: Philip)
    • Results: Best practices for architecture, guidelines, documentation, etc. for DSMLs
    • Incremental customization
    • Documentation: Papyrus-IM as a starting point
  • Product line support (Lead: Florian)
    • Splitting of repo, moving into TLP
    • Incremental customizations; provides input for DSML Task Force
    • Feature model for Papyrus as a starting point
  • Dependency management when building products (Lead: Per)
    • Goal to minimize mandatory dependencies that bring in UI contributions (e.g. PDE UI, JDT UI, ...)
    • Investigation of dependencies brought into Papyrus-IM
  • DSML "SDK" (Lead to be defined)
    • Cookbook in the short term (input from DSML Task Force)
    • Packaging
    • Tooling (long-term goal)

Report As 2017 04 06

Current Status

  • Meeting every month (First Tuesday of the month)
    • Usually 6-7 people on the call
  • Various taskforces supporting mid and long term topics
    • Lead by architecture committee members
    • Report every month to the committee
  • Allows also a technical synchronization on the Eclipse project
    • Releases / milestones status
    • Inter-project dependencies ( Compare for example)
  • Answers to topics addressed to the Architecture committee
    • GMF runtime / tooling deprecation
    • Dependency management and APIs


  • Dependency management in Papyrus (Per J.- Combitech/Saab)
    • How to reduce dependencies dragged by a product based on Papyrus (PDE, JDT, etc.)
  • DSML support (Philip L. - EclipseSource)
    • How to easily extend / reduce / reuse a DSL
    • Product definition (From Papyrus for IM & other products)
  • Textual / Graphical Modeling (Simon R. - Zeligsoft)
    • Hybrid approach
    • More experimental topic, based on research project
      • Text based serialization rather than XMI
      • Projectional approach
  • Product line support - splitting of repositories (Florian N. - CEA)
    • Architecture of the Eclipse project itself (main / extras / experiments / etc.)
    • Better management for committers and technologies area

Oxygen Roadmap

  • M6 - March 2017 (done)
    • Support for DSLs
      • Integration of the Architecture Framework
    • Issues on Guava versions - was still ongoing
      • Discussion together with Ed (OCL), Philip (Compare), Florian (Papyrus), Christian (Ind.)
    • Repositories splitted
    • GMF runtime / tooling management
  • M7 - May 2017 (to be done)
    • Support for DSLs
      • Update of the Architecture Framework, based on feedback from “DSL” projects
    • Issues on Guava versions - push fixes
      • Contains solution together with Ed (OCL), Philip (Compare), Florian (Papyrus)
  • Release on June - Papyrus 3.0

Future plans

  • Proposal to synchronize at the EclipseCon France 2017 about Papyrus on the Web
    • 1 day Papyrus committers meeting?
  • Setup plans for next official release “P…”

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