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Papyrus-RT/Releases/Oxygen v1.0 Release Notes


Oxygen v1.0 Release Notes

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What have we done!

The best part is that we have finished what we originally wanted to accomplish in MVP2 (and maybe a bit more) -- and we managed to move to Oxygen!

These were the goals we have set for this release, along with what we have done:

  • Migrate to Papyrus Oxygen - accomplished!
    • This was more work than anticipated, as many changes were done in Papyrus to make it better and more flexible - and that meant we needed to adapt. Luckily, we had great collaboration with the Papyrus team and most of our issues were addressed. As we release Papyrus-RT 1.0, there are still some Papyrus bugs blocking Papyrus-RT that will need monitoring to see about doing something when they are fixed...
  • Complete work on hierarchical state machine behaviour - accomplished!
    • Improving the usability of the state machine editor for UML-RT was a priority and much work was done to improve this. We have tried and, we believe, achieved in implementing a good user interface for creating and navigating UML-RT state machines (there were so many corner cases in doing so!).
  • Complete work on structural Inheritance - accomplished!
    • This barrel of monkeys poisonous snakes laughs from v0.9 was emptied and our developers are on the way to full recovery thanks to summer holidays!
    • There are still a few little quirks (see "Known Issues" ), so we will need to see what can be done in subsequent releases.
  • Complete work on behavior Collaborative modeling (hierarchical state machine compare/merge) - accomplished!
    • Many improvements were done with regards to both structure and behaviour compare/merge.
  • Complete work on basic support from code snippet view - accomplished!
    • The code snippet view is now better integrated into the workflow and available in more contexts. If you want to work in a full-blown, target language-aware editor for, you still need to start a separate view - but that is still functionality for the future.
  • Complete work on pervasive default language support - accomplished!
    • Target language can now set when creating a model or through the model's properties and is used whenever a target language can be used.
  • Complete work on behavior Inheritance - accomplished!
    • More monkeys taken out of that barrel...
  • Complete work on runtime support - Partially accomplished!
    • Some work was done to improve Windows support.
    • Improved Documentation on the wiki to help with command line parameters and debugging commands (which can already be accessed from the command line help).
    • Threading support will be added to the wiki shortly after the release.
  • Plus, we got all the improvements from the Papyrus Oxygen release!
  • Beta
    • We did not do too well with the Beta. We learned our lesson in that an unstructured beta is not the best approach. Next time, we will do better! In the mean time, we are hiding two "early availability" features in the relese - if you find them (hint: look further down on this page for a hint), we would appreciate your feedback!

If you're one of our biggest fans (thank you!) and enjoy knowing the nitty-gritty of everything that was done in all its glorious and gory details You can consult the list of all Papyrus-RT v1.0 closed bugs at the bottom of this page.


Building with Cygwin (Windows only)
When building generated code on Windows with Cygwin, users must install and use cmake from Cygwin, rather than CMake from, otherwise the build fails with several CMake errors, such as being unable to load several of the RTS .cmake files even if they exist and are in the correct location. See bug 519052 for more information.
Bug 519052
Cygwin and MingW (Windows only)
We have received reports of potential conflicts between MinGW and Cygwin compilers when installed separately in the same environment. As we use Cygwin for our testing, we recommend that users install only Cygwin and ensure that the Path environment variable correctly to point to the Cygwin 'bin' directory. See bug 519052 for more information.
Bug 519052
Toolsmiths: CodeGen API deprecation from v0.9 to v1.0
Codegen RT enumeration types have been deprecated in v1.0 and replaced with the façade API introduced in the UML metamodel implementation for UML-RT. See Bug 510188 for more information.
Bug 510188
Path Names (Windows only)
The long-standing pathname issue when installing in deeply nested directories in Windows appears to still be an issue with the Windows installation. If you get errors extracting the RCP archive or running Papyrus-RT, consider either installing in a directory closer to the root of your system or using a recent archive tool such as 7-zip.

UML-RT Architectural Context
Papyrus 3.0 (Oxygen) brings the concept of architectural context to projects and models. When creating Papyrus-RT projects, please make sure you selet the “UML-RT”’ architectural context so your projects and models are properly configured.
Bug 518448


Beta Features
I guess we didn't hide this well at ll ;-)... There are two features available in Papyrus-RT 1.0 under an early availability "Beta" approach so that we get feedback from our users on their capabilities: RSA Import and Textual modeling. If you use either of those features, we would appreciate your feedback! But remember: use at your own risk!

Diagram grid defaults
Defaults for diagram grids have changed in v1.0: snap-to-grid is enabled and and grid display are now disabled by default. Existing diagrams properties are unchanged. You can always change these from the Preferences dialog.


New Papyrus-RT icons not shown on Linux
If you have been using Papyrus-RT on Linux, the new logos provided as part of the branding for v1.0 may not show up due to some Linux configuration. The solution is to remove the desktop file found in ~/.local/share/applications [(Tested on Ubuntu)]

Need more diagrams?
Do you find yourself needing access to "standard" UML diagrams but not able to see them? It's simple: you need to use the Advanced UML-RT Modeling Viewpoint instead of the basic one! give it a try!

Known Issues

Yes...we are still painfully aware that there are still issues with the tool. A list of known issues is provided below, with workarounds, when available.

Note that the descriptions of the known issues, below, are summarized from their corresponding bug discussions.

Bugs are listed from most recent to oldest, with bugs found after the official release indicated with a leading "[new]" tag and those updated post-release indicated by an [updated] tag.

519052 {new} Migration from 0.x to 1.0 not supported
Due the significant reworking of the Papyrus-RT metamodel, infrastructure, and tooling; and the complexity, scope, and quantity of changes made to these, migration was not considered a priority for incubation-level releases (as should have been expected from users of these releases) and subsequently, for v1.0. As we expect the start of indusrial usage of ;prt, this will no longer be the case going forward.
Specific issues:
* Stereotypes are not applied to UML-RT elements
* Default language is not set
519052 To build generated code on Windows users must use cmake from Cygwin not from CMake website
When building generated code on Windows with Cygwin, users must install and use cmake from Cygwin, rather than CMake from, otherwise the build fails with several CMake errors, such as being unable to load several of the RTS .cmake files even if they exist and are in the correct location.
512317 Copy/Paste of state from one diagram to another drops duplicate edit parts
This bug has been solved in that there is no longer duplication of parts. However, cut and paste from diagrams only works for states - transitions are not copied - so "patterns" can not be copied in that manner. See bug 519854 for related issues to be addressed in a future release.
478628 Cannot create Constraint on the state machine diagram
510649 Cannot create Constraint on the state machine diagram
510639 Comments, Constraints and Links not shown in the diagram
Unfortunately, there is no workaround for either of these two bugs and we have to wait for the corresponsding Papyrus bugs to be fixed. But don't worry, we'll keep an eye out for you!

Closed Bugs

There were 152 bugs closed as part of this release. That's too many to list here!

So I'll be lazy efficient and give you a link to the complete list of closed bugs in Papyrus-RT 1.0.

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