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Papyrus-RT/Releases/Neon v0.8 Release Notes


Release Notes - v0.8 - Build up the structure!


This release focused on the modeling of the UML-RT's structural aspects (e.g., capsule, protocol) and on the improvement of the structure modeling user experience!

Who is it for?

The following actors were considered for this release's work.

  • Academia
    • Teaching
    • Research
  • Early evaluators
    • Basic UML-RT usage, concentrating on structure modeling
  • DSML Toolsmiths
    • Creation of Papyrus-RT based DSLs (Domain Specific Languages)


the following features were addressed by this release.

  • Parity of capabilities between model explorer and diagrams
    • Work in either the model explorer or a diagram
  • Capsule-based structural Modeling
    • Ports
      • All UML-RT port types supported
    • Capsule parts
        • All UML-RT part types supported
    • Connectors
        • UML-RT connectors aligned with UML types
    • Layout
      • Automated port and part layout
    • Protocols
      • Multi-parameter protocol messages
        • New table-base protocol editor
  • Structure Collaborative modeling
    • Ability to compare and merge native Papyrus-RT DSL structures
  • State Machines (basic groundwork - to be completed in v0.9)
    • Layout improvements
    • Basic hierarchical state machine (to be completed in v0.9)
    • Enhanced trigger selection dialog
    • Ability to edit C++ opaque behavior in a CDT editor
  • Language support
    • Basic model-level language support - assignment of a language, e.g., C++, a the model
      • Automatically adds imports to the required profiles and libraries
    • Support for C++
      • Language-specific code editor for C++ models using a CDT view
      • C++ Property sets
      • C++ Code generation
      • C++ Runtime
        • Basic runtime-based tracing and information output
        • Enhanced cmake-based builds
  • Platform support
    • Linux
    • Preliminary Windows/Cygwin support (to be completed in subsequent releases)
    • Preliminary MacOS support (to be completed in subsequent releases)
  • From Papyrus
    • UML sequence diagrams

Bugs Fixed

185 bugs were fixed as part of this release! The complete list can be found by following this link: Papyrus-RT v0.8 Bugs

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