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MDT/Papyrus/Developer Guide/Charter

This is a work in progress document.

Management of service release

  • M3+
It is forbidden to modify the GUI. Only important bug fixes should be merged. 
Creation of a branch (tag) for the release
  • RC1+
Its forbidden to merge contribution. Only by the project Chief for critical bugs.

Bug Management

  • When a bug is resolved the Target Milestone must be filled. For example the bug has been fixed for the service release 3 of oxygen, the target milestone is 3.3.

Papyrus Plugin Naming Scheme and Folders Structure


  • Remember to check on the current CQs to see if they are still current and that we will not miss any currently required dependencies (e.g. glazed lists in the new orbit or the new dependency) as well as the IPlogs. A quick tutorial on CQs can be found here.

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