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Hudson-ci/Eclipse Migration

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Hudson-bust.png Eclipse Migration

This section of the Wiki deals with the ongoing migration process from the and infrastructures into the mixed + infratructure of the future.

  • Infrastructure migration:

Infrastructure piece Current Location What Is Needed? New Location Progress Overview
Issues- pre-Eclipse core and plugins
  • upgrade JIRA version
  • redirect email to Eclipse Dev mailing list
  • see migration steps
new  hudson-ci Susan to dry run upgrade version in sandbox
Migration steps
User mailing list maintain and xref with Eclipse forum for future posts Eclipse forum already setup, not in use until switchover
Developer mailing list - core and plugins
  • ask/remind developers to subscribe
  • maintain old history
  • close list
Eclipse Dev mailing list
mailing list has been setup.

Other mailing lists

  • Issues
  • Commits

combine emails from these Issues/Commits repository to Eclipse Dev mailing list

maintain history

close these mailing lists on switchover

Eclipse Dev mailing list on switchover only
Web site and Wiki hudson-ci migrate to Eclipse (except plugins) Eclipse Details
plugins wiki
upgrade confluence version
new hudson-ci
Wiki Migration only On-Hold

Hudson on Hudson

  • core (preEclipse and during parallel releases only)
  • plugins
new hudson-ci
Up and Running
Hudson on Hudson - core - Eclipse releases
Eclipse Hudson

already running

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