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Hudson-ci/eclipse migration/Hudson Code Contributions


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Status of Initial Code Contributions

For the purpose of the initial code contribution, Hudson is split into over 10 modules which will map back to the GIT repositories in use. Note that some repositories will amalgamate multiple contribution zip files:

Core Code Contributions

Module CQ in IPzilla Bugzilla Status Status At Notes
Core 5461 354029 Approved 19th/Sep

Initially the following files were identified as possibly nested JAR or ZIP files:
Guidance from Winston was to delete the ANT and Maven files as they can actually be obtained at runtime and do not need to be checked in

The remoteCopyFiles has been expanded in place.

There are still some issues with MIT licences and some CSS - passed to Winston

11-Aug: Split out Hudson-war into separate code package

2-Sept: additional clean up of comments etc.

SVN 5469 354031 Approved 11/Aug

Initially Zip files in contribution:

Several zip files in src\test\resources\org\eclipse\hudson\scm\subversion\*

Deleted these - don't need them. Updated bugzilla and submitted amended version to ipzilla

Packaging 5464 354037 Approved for Parallel IP Review 11/Aug Code submitted in Bugzilla and CQ
Test Harness 5471 354034 Approved for Parallel IP Review 11/Aug

Zip files in contribution:

Many ZIP files under Hudson-test-harness\src\test\resources\hudson\*

Can these be deleted or expanded in the context of the code contribution

Decision - files removed and clean versions uploaded.

Aug-11: Logged issue to investigate the "secret.key" file included in the contribution

Update Center 5465 354039 Approved 19/Sep

08-Aug: Code submitted in Bugzilla and CQ

08-Aug: Response from Wayne

svnkit-1.3.2 is buried inside the BlameSubversion-1.121.hpi file (which is
itself an embedded library--we'll need the sources for that). These third-party
libraries will have to be contributed separately.

I also noticed that the corresponding POM file is MIT-licensed. Is that

11-Aug: Hudson Bugzilla issues raised to address these

12-Aug: issues addressed and new version of archive uploaded to Bugzilla and CQ.

CVS 5468 354033 Approved 11/Aug Code submitted in Bugzilla and CQ
Maven 5466 354032 Awaiting IP Review  11/Aug

08-Aug: Code submitted in Bugzilla and CQ

11-Aug: Comment from Wayne:
There is third-party code in this contribution from Maven. Why is this code
copied rather than just compiled against the Maven libraries directly?
If you do need to copy the Maven code, that code should be contributed via a separate CQ.

11-Aug Response 

UI Tests 5462 354035 Approved 19/Sep

08-Aug: Code submitted in Bugzilla and CQ -
Possible issue:

The git-2.0.0.hpi file is an embedded archive that needs to be separately
contributed (I assume that it's a third-party library). That file contains
several other libraries (including jGit); the third-party stuff will require
separate CQs (JGit should not require a CQ as it is an Eclipse project).

11-Aug: Logged Hudson issue to extract HPI

2-Sep: Uploaded new version without the HPI to CQ and Bugzilla

GIT 5470 354036 Approved 11/Aug Code submitted in Bugzilla and CQ
Slaves 5463 354038 Approved 11/Aug Code submitted in Bugzilla and CQ
Core WAR 5515 354526 Approved 06/Sep 11-Aug: Initial Bugzilla load - but still needs extra checks so not yet associated with the CQ

12-Aug: about.html added to contribution. Bugzilla record updated by Winston. Upload into CQ by Duncan

06-Sept-2011 - Query about the source of images from Wayne:

These libraries each need to be entered as separate CQs, unless you have been explicitly instructed otherwise by Janet. What is the source of the images?

3rd Party Libraries Used By Hudson At The Time of the Contribution 

For third party library dependencies present at the time of contribution refer to this page.

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