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Hudson-ci/eclipse migration/web

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Hudson-bust.png Web Site Migration


There is currently a lot of information tied up in the Hudson wiki, and to a lesser extent the WebSite. This information has to be migrated to the Eclipse homepage and to the Eclipse wiki. This page covers the required tasks and standards for managing this process

Hudson Wiki

The Migration Map

The following image shows the progress made so far on migrating the wiki pages

Hudson wiki migration.png


There are many predefined templates available in eclipsepedia for providing standardized formatting for bug references, notes, paths and the like. When editing pages do refer to this list for these helper functions. In addition to these standard templates there are also some templates specific to the Hudson Project

Hudson Page Template

To provide a consistent look and feel for the Wiki we have created a template for all Hudson pages to use. This template can be seen in action at the top of this page, and it provides the logo, the page title and the project info box. Any Hudson related page that you create should include this template.

To use the template simply include the following Wiki markup as the first thing on a new page:

{{Hudson|pageTitle=Your Page Title}}

Hudson Book Link Template

Changes Likely
We're probably going to have to make some slight changes to this macro to correctly identify sections. Expect changes

The Hudson book will provide a substantial part of the documentation set for simplicity there is a template that will generate the correct URL for a reference given an chapter and section identifier.

To use the template simply include the following Wiki markup inline where you want the book reference to be.

{{HudsonBookLink|3|Debian|Installing on Debian}}

The first argument (3) is the chapter number, the second (Debian) the named section within the chapter and the third (Installing on Debian) is an optional value for the text of the Hyperlink. If you omit the final argument then a default value of The Hudson Book Section <n>.<section> is generated for you.

Wiki Organization

Because there are many projects sharing the Eclipse wiki all new Hudson related pages should live within the Hudson-ci/ namespace. For example, the name of this page is hudson-ci/eclipse_migration/web. Eclipse migration topics should specifically be located in this eclipse_migration path

Hudson Web Site Pages

Unlike the Wiki which can be editied online by anyone with a Eclipse bugzilla account.  The core Hudson website pages can only be edited by an Eclipse committer.  The pages are stored in CVS and the nature of the protocols being used means that the pages can only be checked in from Eclipse iself (not a command line or O/S tool such as Tortoise). 

The aim is to keep these web pages at a minimum and certainly keep all of the document content in the wiki.

Assets Required

The following assets are required for the website and wiki

Asset Status Ref
Eclipse Version of the Hudson Logo Done Hudson-bust.png
Greyed out Eclipse Version of the Hudson Logo Done Hudson-bust-watermark.png
Headshot only version of Logo (For Twitter) Pending
Favicon Pending

Logo Prototypes

Here where the protoype suggestions for the new logo. Number 4 was the winner

Possible logos for Hudson at Eclipse

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