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Eclipse/PMC/Minutes 2019

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Current Minutes

2019 Minutes

December 10, 2019 - Alex, Dani, Tom, Lars

  • Dani: RC2a respin to be promoted today
  • Dani: 4.15 M1 approaching fast (January 10)
  • Dani: master is open
  • Dani: Version bumps done for now
    • Rebase if needed Gerrit makes it being able to push without version bumps and breaks next build
    • Tool needs improvement to collect all version bumps needed to make initial bumps faster
  • Dani: How to make milestones used more
    • Have latest and deny things that have been since M1 and no one reported till RC1
    • Consider having latest unstable aka milestone channel which can be used by users/integrators
  • Tom: Java 8 support dropped - no decision to be made now

December 3, 2019 - Alex, Dani, McQ, Lars

  • Dani: RC2 this week. Supposed to be the end of 4.14 for us.
  • Dani: Rules for exporting packages as outlined in Export-Package :
    • Background: bug 544977.
    • We need to discuss whether we want to relax those rules.
    • Tom to file a bug report.

November 26, 2019 - Alex, Dani, McQ

  • GTK minimum version being upgraded: 3.14 -> March; 3.22 -> June
  • Target environments upgraded for 4.14, PMC members please verify
  • Standalone SWT download was broken in M3; Fixed in RC1
  • Mac downloads are now being notarized
  • Red Hat team will help with release engineering work

November 19, 2019 - Tom, Alex, Lars, Dani

  • Bumping GTK minimum version for SWT
    • No bump has been done in the last 2 years
    • GTK 4 is starting to shape up. In preparation we need to move up. 3.14 minimal version from 3.10 for March 2020 release. Will allow styling to go through our CSS engine. Will address many bugs because we override the behavior. Allows us to remove dead code.
    • For June release move to 3.22 release directly. Wayland is useless under 3.20
    • Will confirm with the SWT team that this is ok, will have an answer next week. PMC agrees to proceed as long as the development team is OK with it.
  • Dani: Fighting with build
    • Orbit checksums were not redone in latest (working on fix)
    • Issues with Mac signing - been really unreliable bug 553205
  • Dani: No IPLog needed this release, will need to be at least every year and we will do it in March.
  • SWT patch for Windows, allows to theme the scrollbar. Patch is stale now?
    • Can the team look at the patch and rework? We can review but likely not rework. bug 444560

November 12, 2019 - Tom, Alex, Lars, Dani

  • M3 next week
    • Many open bugs targeted for 4.14 M3 and 4.14
    • Request for contributors to act on them and retarget
  • Gerrit reviews
    • Dedicated time to spend on review patches from non-commiters and non-employees of IBM and Red Hat
    • Time still to be considered
  • Dani to check whether IP Log and review are needed for 4.14
  • Official build runs with Java 11 now
    • This is the runtime JVM used by the build system, nothing in the deliverables should require Java 11
    • Tools are catching up, reports had to be modified to work with it
    • If there is any issue noticed in deliverables, reports, download pages ... - please open a bug report and add Alex on cc
  • Pack200 (tom)
    • Test whether everything is fine if pack200 is gone is pending
    • Companies shipping only packed files will face issues
    • Ship alternative pack200 implementation? - better look at alternative compression if so critical
    • Build tools (e.g. reports generator) are using Pack200 classes directly, that would be a problem in the future
    • Drop packed files requirement for SimRel
      • If/when contribution requires Java 14 it's the only feasible thing to do, to be clarified in requirements

October 29, 2019 - Tom, McQ, Alex, Lars, Dani

  • Dani
    • still working on the PPC64LE issue
    • EclipseCon was great, met lots of people, JDT team plans to do more reviews in the future
      • Dani: missed Lars, Mickael, Andrey and others
    • Wayne and Markus might not continue to work on the release train, so this may end up an automatic process or a new working group may be founding another person
  • General discussion about unmaintained projects and how to deal with that

October 15, 2019 - Tom, Alex, Dani

  • Shipped 4.13 M1 on time
  • Quickly discussed Wayne's plans to reduce his time for the Release Train
  • Next week EclipseCon (no Dani)

October 08, 2019 - Tom, McQ, Alex, Dani, Lars

  • PPC64LE machine
    • Downtimes experienced with current one and general warning that there might be more
    • McQ: how many downloads do we have?
      • Dani: probably more in products rather than IDE downloads
    • PPC64LE workstation on the market ( and Fedora looks into adding PPC64LE desktop spin
  • Jetty update test failures
    • Tom to ask Raymond to help us with it
  • 4.14 plan created
    • To be published once we gather the work items
  • Release record created
  • M1 this week
  • Gerrit submit
    • AGREED: Switch to "Rebase if Necessary"
    • Alex to take care of contacting admins to see change implemented

October 01, 2019 - Tom, McQ, Alex, Dani, Lars

  • Dani to look into plan and release record for 4.14
  • Stale bug reports should be closed as WONTFIX if there is not a response to the stale bug flag
  • Changes on Gerrit to allow fast-forward merges
    • deferred to next week

September 24, 2019 - Tom, McQ, Alex, Dani

  • discussed enabling fail on warnings on JDT projects
    • Dani to clarify with Roland

September 17, 2019 - Tom, McQ, Alex, Dani

  • Crash issue on win32 - respin done
  • Java 13 GA
    • marketplace entry works with M3 and onwards
    • merge into master starting
  • 4.13 GA
    • looks goods so far, packages are there
    • macos notarization still in process for EPPs

September 10, 2019 - Tom, McQ, Alex, Lars, Dani

  • Gerrits are failing
    • one failed because of missing version increase, some appear to be tooling issues
    • change went in to API tooling, which may fix it
    • do not merge failing gerrits
  • Many thanks to those who worked through the weekend to fix the Mac signing issue!

September 3, 2019 - Tom, McQ, Alex, Lars

  • Discussed status of RC3
    • This Friday for Platform - two known issues being looked at
    • bug 550672 - Alex - Still no final solution to the problem. May result in backing out fix to bug 548002
    • bug 550606 - Tom - at first seemed like a major regression that could require a revert of fix to bug 548877. Alex - has been determined to be a very limited scenario that we feel is not blocking the release and does not warrant reverting to fix.
  • Discussion of download stats. Much improved over the past year and looks to be double what the Photon release was a year ago for the 2019-06 release.
    • Some thoughts on what has caused the increased interest. Lars - much work around quality and performance. Alex - a result of a broader community involvement and other development plugins for eclipse gaining popularity which drive Eclipse downloads.

August 27, 2019 - Tom, Dani, Alex, Lars

  • Dani - Status update
    • RC1 this Friday for Platform - on track
    • Still working on Notarize Mac app (bug 549814)
  • Dani on vacation next week, starting this Friday
    • ==> please watch out for approval requests for API and feature changes after RC1
  • Lars - new filter icon (bug 465914)
    • all agree to be willing to change the icon
    • Dani: not just a funnel, but maybe a combination of sieve and funnel, or a good sieve icon
    • Lars: will make some suggestion in the bug report
  • Lars - compare panel orientation: should we change the default to what's in Gerrit? (bug 501752)
    • Agreement to try in 4.14 M1

August 20, 2019 - Tom, Dani, Alex, Lars

  • Dani - Status update
    • Tests are looking good for M3
    • Dani team gave focus to new Search, found several UX issues, like shortcuts
    • NPE Bug in the JDT quick outline, got fixed and rebuild was triggered
    • Resource packs were donated by Redhat, IBM and vogella GmbH to platform, discussion how long it will take for the foundation to update
    • Dani to discuss the build infrastructure with the foundation
  • Parallel activation for the IDE - Tom
    • Tom stated that it will be very time consuming to enable this
    • Might cause lots of issues during startup, i.e. deadlocks or missing DI due to activation order
    • Result: definitely nothing we should just do, without seeing a clear benefit during startup and it would require lots of efforts to get this well tested
  • Process removal of views - Dani /Lars
    • NavigatorView is deprecated but plugin.xml extension is not deprecated as we have no means of doing that
    • Suggestion from Lars: Announcement of removal now and mark for deletion
    • Suggestion from Dani: Replace the implementation
    • Alex: Adding it to the label of the view

Result: Send out send to cross that we want to delete the view, outdate the label with "Deprecate" and mark it for deletion.

Tom: Do we need a way to deprecate an individual extension? Discussion about and general agreement that this would not help clients.

August 13, 2019 - Tom, Dani, Alex, Lars

  • Dani: Mass changes only up to M1?
    • Lars - If everyone agrees then post M1 changes can happen
    • Tom - What makes it a mass change?
    • Alex - doesn't see the need for timeline on guideline, just make it across the build
    • -1 review always blocks the merge until some agreement is made on the change
    • Committers are not required to have review and it is up to the committer to ask for a review
    • JDT has additional concerns because a branch is needed to do next Java release development. Should just be a restriction for JDT to decide when mass changes can be made.
    • Resolution:
      • Mass changes are requested not to be more than 50 files in general if they can be split up but ...
      • Don't force it to be split for cases it is difficult to do so
      • A committer can block a mass change (like any other change) with -1 if there are good arguments
      • Don't restrict mass changes to specific milestones
      • Cleanups are allowed at any time during development cycle
      • Should reviewers be added??
        • No adding reviewers is not required by committers
        • Project leads should monitor Gerrit queues - PMC agreed
  • General discussion about JDT team changes with Java release cycle ...
    • expect large changes for Java 14 (e.g. Valhalla)
  • Alex - What happens when our dependencies require java 11?
    • Particularly for help, Lucene and Jetty
  • Lars - Fix in toolbar (bug 549898) that exposed another bug that is old
    • If not fixed do we need to revert original issue?
  • Dani talks about resource packs and possibility of companies donating resources to the Eclipse Project:

August 6, 2019 - McQ, Tom, Dani

July 30, 2019 - McQ, Alex, Dani

  • Nothing to discuss.

July 23, 2019 - McQ, Tom, Dani

  • Nothing to discuss.

July 16, 2019 - Alex, Tom

  • Bouncycastle MessageDigets plugin inclusion (bug 541781)
    • Alex: Which feature should contain it so it's published?
    • Tom: Let's discuss on the bundle but usability of current equinox features is questionable.
    • Alex: Let's sanitize them in this case.
    • Tom: +1, we need to figure what the deprecation policy (if any) there is for features.
  • Merge of rt.equinox.bundles and framework git repos
    • Tom: still interested in it but very low priority
    • Alex: interested in it for the sake of rename of repos from rt.equinox to eclipse.equinox

July 9, 2019 - Dani, Tom

  • Dani: M1 this week. Looks good so far.
  • We will not suspend the calls during summer.

July 2, 2019 - Alex, Tom

  • General chat about bugzilla vs gerrit only workflow. No binding decisions due to lack of quorum.

Jun 25, 2019 - Alex, Lars

  • General chat about state of affairs due to lack of quorum

Jun 18, 2019 - McQ, Lars, Tom

  • The 1.5 minute start up time issue (Windows Defender) needs to be investigated
    • Is this related to the signing problem?
    • What do we have to do to be "blessed" by Microsoft?
      • Dani: Not sure this is the solution as we do not even know what the problem is
  • There is a perception that Eclipse on Windows is not as smooth/performant as Linux now
    • This is a bit troubling, since windows is still our most significant platform (by downloads)
    • Do we need to look for ways to increase participation in SWT on Win?
  • Do we need better coding pattern/style guidelines?

Jun 11, 2019 - McQ, Dani, Alex, Lars, Tom

  • 2019-06 release
    • RC2 shipped on time
    • No pending request
    • Lars: Opening next release stream - felt too long due to amount of incoming gerrits. It's a nice problem to have but no change planned on the topic so far.
  • Gerrit down
    • Dani called webmaster, negotiated it to be made tier 1
  • Emeritus status for historical committers
    • Foundation is dropping the feature overall so no plans to nominate new people from the last group of removed committers
  • No bug report policy
    • Simple fixes do not require bug report
    • Dani: larger patches to require bug
    • McQ: reviewer should the have the right to request
    • Alex: requiring too many bugzillas is against young population used to github
    • AGREED - we stay as we are and reviewer has the right to ask for one if he feels the need
  • New committer process document - whoever has a comment to comment on the document
  • Modern eclipse
    • McQ: how to define what to work on without too much bias
    • Alex: new intern working on inline editing - an initiative to serve as example of modernization
    • AGREED - come up with list of things to work on
    • ACTION ITEM: Lars: to create initial document for list of things/initiatives
  • Dani not on call for the next 3 times (Eclipse Board meeting, manager training and vacation)

May 28, 2019 - McQ, Dani, Alex, Lars, Tom

  • http client issue
    • should we ship old and new?
    • we initially decided to only ship new one.
    • ship old only gives ability to revert back, but still requires work on client
    • if a fix isn't available for using the new http client then we will consider shipping only the old one for 4.12
    • others can install the new http client if they want to try it out
  • message to Stephan
    • Note set, no additional information or status available
  • heading into RC builds for 4.12
    • end game plan created
    • finalizing the plan and closed after updating target environments
  • discussed bug 547011
    • decided to bump event bundle version to work around
    • need a new bug opened to enable us to detect this situation earlier
  • Major version increase on API removal discussion
    • announced API removals will not cause major version bumps
    • This potentially breaks others
    • We only do this on announced deprecations for 3 years.
  • Future of Eclipse IDE (McQ)
    • Power users for writing code. A lot still use vanilla text editor ...
    • What is the value of the IDE in today's environment. Deployment and monitor of applications is more important.
    • Are we not addressing the problems of today to make Eclipse the power tool of today.
    • Do we need support for new languages.
    • Language server help?
    • can we find some set of things to do to reduce friction to using Eclipse IDE?
    • remove notion of project natures?
    • asynchronous operations can help?
    • Make our lists of top things to do
    • get community involvement on prioritizing the list of important things to improve.
  • Alex out next week

May 21, 2019 - McQ, Dani, Alex, Lars

  • Dani
    • M3 is this week, need to watch out for bugs and issues
    • New feature to make modal dialogs non-modal created a blocker but this has been fixed
    • Endgame plan will be send out by Dani by the end of this week
    • We only ship an HttpClient45 implementation with the latest ECF and no HttpClient4 anymore which may cause issue. Dani's team will send out a note tomorrow, Alex thinks that this should not create an issue
    • Release restrictions from the foundation are less strict for the next release (no IP log and release review for every release required anymore), we will follow this process
  • Discussion about Stephan Herrmann's email to the PMC and we need to check with Stephan
    • IBM may have an option to provide service releases
    • We should also look at the bug system to see what is important to the users

May 14, 2019 - McQ, Dani, Alex, Tom

  • No complaints about our M2 delivery so far
  • M3 is next week
    • 200 bugs still open
    • People are just bumping them to the next milestone
    • Better to remove target milestone if you don’t actually believe it will be fixed by then
  • Jetty dev list note:
  • Batik update — 4 of 5 CQs approved should be in for M3

May 7, 2019 - McQ, Lars, Dani, Alex

  • Gerrit verification jobs to give -1 on warnings
    • Dani: not easy, single file with warnings in Jenkins for all type of warnings
    • PMC is in favor of such solution but there are technical limitations to achieve it or it would require significant effort to get to warning free builds
  • ECF http client update
    • Dani: prefer to ship both old and new implementation, fine with new one only and reconsider
    • Alex: not in favor of shipping two implementations as that would make the testing harder, prefer to ship single one and that being the new one, reconsider if there is issue
    • ACTION: Dani to reply to Scott that Eclipse SDK will ship latest only and we would like to have it for testing purposes ASAP
  • Inactive committers
    • Dani: Notification sent and inactive committers that want to keep commit rights can do it now
  • 2019-06 M2
    • Dani: I-build delivered to M2
  • Dependency updates
    • Alex: Jetty is in progress to 9.4.18, permissions to publishing the version to p2 repo on behalf of Jetty project granted
    • Alex: Batik - work in progress

April 30, 2019 - McQ, Tom, Lars, Dani

  • M2 for us this week - will only contribute last good I-build - no real milestone week
  • Extend fast track for committers for all projects not just inactive ones
    • Tom: already following the proposed process
    • We can't force committers to accept a new committer (against EDP)
    • Unanimous decision to drop fast track program. Mentor/committer can propose any contributor if he can justify the nomination
  • Request for review on JDT mailing list
    • Wait for Stephan to respond for a day or two
    • Dani to contact Stephan if no response

April 23, 2019 - McQ, Alex, Dani, Tom

  • M1 train has been published but no official announcement was sent
  • Alex to update Jetty with latest security fixes

April 16, 2019 - Lars, Dani, Tom, McQ

  • M1 has shipped -- Lots of good stuff, see the N&N
  • Plan has been posted
    • Attempt to simplify the creation process, still WIP
  • Started working on identifying inactive committers
    • Inactive == haven't committed anything for 2 years
  • Looking at ways to ensure we have enough testing of new Java features
    • Main projects should run on widest ranges of versions, so can't just raise BREE there
    • Could add new test projects, and allow tests to be written with new constructs

April 9, 2019 - Alex, Dani, Tom, McQ

  • Dani
    • Lots of regressions Dani investigating
      • cycle from tests (fixed)
      • UI elements gone missing (fixed)
    • Get rid of the new index from JDT
      • Needs lots of polish to get rid of bugs, but never showed performance improvements.
      • Decided to disable the option to use it (code remains). Open to others to help maintain.
    • Created initial 2019-06 (4.12) plan
      • Still need individual plan bugs from leads (cough Equinox).
    • Created initial release record for 2019-06 (4.12)
    • Made a call for plan items for 2019-06 (4.12)
    • M1 this week
      • Looks good so far.
  • Tom
    • Investigating parallel activation of bundles bug 540507
  • Alex
    • M1 fixes for SWT
      • Fixes for other things in M1 some small regression in custom Linux environment.
    • M1 jsch update needed
    • Tom to Open bug for Apache Felix SCR update post M1
    • SWT issue
      • SVG image support for Linux-only to start. Need support for other platforms.
      • Windows has a number of patches pending. (mostly cleanup patches?)
      • Try to get more people on board for Windows support help.
      • Ask for help on the platform list. We have combined the projects and have more devs available to work on SWT if they are willing to help.
      • For cleanup you need specific SWT knowledge.
        • two types of cleanup - use quick fix from Eclipse - and real refactoring.
    • If we are to advance SWT development then we cannot continue with a single committer on a platform. Need to promote the recruitment of new SWT committers.

April 2, 2019 - McQ, Dani, Lars, Tom

  • Planning for this release has started
    • Sub-projects need to have first cut of plan ready by a week from Friday
  • Also a week from Friday is our M1
  • Based on community feedback we will keep the update site for adding Java 11 support to the 2018-09 (4.9) release, the Marketplace entry remains removed

March 26, 2019 - McQ, Dani, Alex, Tom

  • Dani
    • Inactive committer cleanup progress.
      • It is now harder. Portal has been deactivated and the functionality to get inactive committers is gone.
      • Looking to use some script originated by Lars for list of contributors.
      • What is the timeline to be considered inactive again? Ans. A year of inactivity will trigger the question.
  • Alex
    • Confirms that the new indexer has no value to Red Hat (see also March 5 and bug 544898)
    • bug 545032 Implement native ImageLoader (Linux only)
      • Allows additional formats not previously supported to work with the native Linux implementation of SWT
      • What kind of error message will be available on other platforms?
      • Need to confirm the API doc is updated to indicate what formats are supported on what platforms. (Alex will take care of that in the javadoc)
      • Has there been investigation into what later Java versions provide for image loading?
        • No, could be done as part of investigating support on other platforms.
      • Need to have an umbrella bug for the new functionality with additional children defects for the platforms that don't support the new formats. (Alex to open that)

March 19, 2019 - McQ, Lars, Dani

  • Dani
    • 4.11 on track - repositories and download page ready for tomorrow
    • Java 12 GA expected today
    • Will merge Java 12 work to master tomorrow or on Thursday
    • Will provide a Marketplace entry for Java 12 support for 4.11

March 12, 2019 - ???

  • Missing

March 5, 2019 - Tom, Alex, Dani

  • Dani
    • I will be away starting Friday and next week. No laptop ==> watch out for any 4.11 related issues
    • Tom, please update the status on the Equinox 4.11 plan
    • Tom: bug 544370: NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/sshd/server/auth/AsyncAuthException from SshServ
    • bug 544833: Inactive committer cleanup for Platform for the 4.12 release
      • Might be much more work since committer info from old portal is not available in the new PMI
    • Get rid of new indexer. Alex, not sure who from Red Hat mentioned it at EclipseCon Europe but there seemed to be interest to further work on this.
      • Alex: Roland looked at it and could not see any benefit
      • Current thinking: drop it, but Alex will double-check and report back in two weeks

February 26, 2019 - McQ, Tom, Alex, Lars, Dani

  • Dani
    • Issues with Mac signing
      • McQ: we should ask the Foundation whether they can't set up a watchdog
    • Issues with JAR signing
    • Release on track
    • Prune inactive committers
      • AGREED to do this like we did last year for Platform (bug 530200)
      • Lars for Platform. Tom for Equinox and Dani for JDT and PDE
  • Lars: move active committers to the list of contributors in the Acknowledgments
    • AGREED

February 19, 2019 - Tom, Alex, Dani, Lars

  • Lars: API removal announcement on cross project
    • AGREED: To send one mail per release for RC1 announcing all removals to reduce noise on the mailing list
    • In case of more important removal it can be announced individually.
    • Dani to open bugs for releases so it's handled properly.
  • Lars: Provisional API guidelines changes
    • Current approach with internal/provisional package names until API is stable is an issue because:
      • It creates more work for maintainers to rename packages.
      • It creates more work for adopters to change references once API is stable.
    • AGREED: Use the intended package name but mark it as x-internal until API is final. Lars will update the document.
  • Dani: End game plan posted

February 12, 2019 - Tom, Alex, Dani, Lars

  • Dani:
    • M3 next week.
    • Must start to work on IP log, release review and Endgame plan.
  • Alex: What's the future of ECF (not much happening there)? How feasible is it to replace ECF and HttpClient with new Java HTTP Client from Java 11?
    • Interesting to know, but unfortunately no resources to investigate this at the moment.
  • PMC decision regarding HttpClient for 2019-03: will ship what we have (4.5.5).

February 5, 2019 - Tom, Alex, Dani, Lars

  • Dani:
    • I-build contributed to 2019-03 M2, no complaints so far
    • Over 200 bugs for M3 with 2 weeks left, need to be looked at and target adjusted
  • Alex:
    • JIPPs are subject to update to new infra in the next few months. Releng JIPP is a matter of separate treatment.
    • As soon as most JIPPs (not Eclipse TLP only) are moved to new infra SWT will move to GTK 3.22 as a min version.
    • Sep 2019 release is the earliest possible for SWT GTK min version bump.
  • Tom:
    • equinox.framework and bundles git repositories merge
    • APPROVED if history is preserved
    • Alex: new name of repo should be eclipse.equinox.* not rt.equinox
    • After merge Alex takes renaming rest of equinox repos with webmaster
  • Lars: Fosdem
    • IDE and Free Tools room
    • Netbeans and IntelliJ talks and interest

January 29, 2019 - McQ, Tom, Alex, Dani, Lars

  • Alex: Java 11, should we move the build to Java 11?
    • Agreed to move the Tycho snapshots for testing and move back to Tycho stable after M3
  • Dani: This week is M2, we will contribute the Wednesday I-Build with some sanity checks
  • Dani: Having problems with the asynchronous JDT UI initialization bug 543935

January 22, 2019 - McQ, Tom, Alex, Dani

  • Alex:Felix SCR update
    • Tom: Orbit update to make felix.scr bundle imports non-optional
    • Missing compile warning in the first build - not clear why it happened
  • Tom: Equinox tests move from runtime git repo
    • Needed because tests are not run on gerrit and not findable for contributors
    • Alex: how easy it is to find which one are for equinox and which should stay in runtime repo
    • Tom: to open bug with details

January 15, 2019 - McQ, Tom, Alex, Lars, Dani

  • Dani
    • We shipped 4.11 M1 last Friday - no issue so far
    • Created release record for 4.11 (mandatory to be there by 4.11 M1)
  • Tom
    • Chatter about update configurator bug 542706
    • Alex: update configurator still there but not hooked into Equinox/p2/PDE anymore
    • Alex and Lars to update the bug report

January 8, 2019 - Dani, ?

  • We had a meeting, no notes were taken


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