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Eclipse/PMC/Minutes 2018

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Current Minutes

2018 Minutes

December 18, 2018 - McQ, Tom, Alex, Dani

  • Talked about potential release train delay due to JAXB - nothing we have to worry about
  • Next call on January 8

December 11, 2018 - Tom, Lars, Dani

  • Dani: 4.10 looks good, work for 4.11 is open for development
  • Dani: Will add Bugzilla milestones
  • Tom: Will update Equinox to Java 8 soon will need to support Java 8 for quite some time in the future

December 4, 2018 - McQ, Alex, Tom, Lars, Dani

  • Dani away on Thursday and Friday.
    • Please keep an eye on RC2.
    • Please watch the release review (bug 541666).
  • Dani: 4.10 on good track but investigating last minute bug 542090.
  • bug 541689: What needs to be done to add OpenJDK on Windows as a reference platform?
    • We will add this for now, but for 4.11 we will query the community which runtimes are actually used and/or tested.
    • Alex: We need to specify from where the OpenJDK runtime comes from.
  • Tom: When do we push 4.10 to Maven central?
    • Dani: ask on Releng list.
  • Alex: Help Center issue. What's the state?
    • Tom will investigate this a bit more this week. Probably no fix for RC2.

November 27, 2018 - Alex, Dani, McQ, Tom

  • Mailing lists
    • Discussion on merging various mailing lists bug 541508
    • Merge all platform-x lists into one (platform-dev?) list, except the current platform-releng-dev will remain separate.
    • merge all jdt lists into one list (jdt-dev?) list.
    • Considered merging the equinox-dev and p2-dev into one list (equinox-dev?), will leave separate for now because the two groups still seem to have distinct topics to discuss (even if the traffic is relatively low).
    • What is the target usage of the lists? For the user community to ask questions or for the developers to have discussions around development of Eclipse? At this point the traffic is low and the PMC does not see a need to discourage usage by the user community to ask questions.
    • Before merging we need a way to have responses sent to messages sent to the old archived mailing lists which directs them to the new list.
  • Rules for freeze/endgame
    • Consider allowing the gerrit reviews to act as the way to record approval by a member of the PMC and/or project lead instead of requiring that to be flagged in the bugzilla. If the gerrit review was done by someone other than a member of the PMC or project lead then there still needs to be some record in the bugzilla that the required approval of the PMC or project lead was done.

November 20, 2018 - Alex, Lars, Dani, McQ

  • Dani reminded the team to update plans so we can do release review
  • Dani working on IP review
  • M3 this week; then API/feature freeze next week; then one more week and we’re done
  • JDT Code Mining went in today; test!; disabled by default
  • Demonstrated proof of concept, empty shell running on GTK4 alpha
  • bug 541307 needs to be investigated; could be a blocker for PDE or Equinox
  • Seems to be general consensus that code clean-up is more important than maintaining git blame usefulness

November 13, 2018 - Alex, Lars, Dani, McQ

  • Plan update 4.10 plan update 1 from Dani
    • As Foundation still provides only SLES 12 we might still have to list it
    • SWT team tests on SLES15
    • Details: bug 541074
  • Train name update from Dani: We can keep "our" Eclipse IDE name, foundation dropped the idea of adding an additional identifier to the "Eclipse IDE" brand.
  • jsch - Dani checked if preferences are used and could not find any usage, Dani did not yet contact Thomas as JGit did not make any progress in the area. Alex did update Equinox.
  • Cherry-pick as strategy in Gerrit
    • bug 541021
    • Dani does not like the idea and voted against it
    • Alex: Linux tools and CDT are using Cherry-pick

-> Everyone agrees that the build infrastructure is getting worse and that we should find ways to speed up the build, Dani will follow-up with the foundation on that

October 30, 2018 - Alex, Lars, Dani, Tom

  • Dani: Update on release train name
    • Foundation accepts "Eclipse IDE" as long as the scope is clear
    • Foundation can use another name when the Eclipse IDE is shown along with other IDEs, e.g. Che. Possible name could be "Eclipse Classic IDE"
  • Increase major segment when deleting deprecated API
    • Discussed last year on October 10, 2017 but did not make an official decision
    • Disruption would be huge
    • Today we decided unanimously that in general we will NOT increase the major version when removing deprecated API
      • There might be cases/bundles where we might be more aggressive

October 23, 2018 - No meeting due to EclipseCon Europe

October 16, 2018 - Alex, Lars, Dani, McQ

  • We all agreed that at this point, the right thing regarding renaming the project is to do nothing.
  • Delivered 2018-12 (4.10) M1 on Friday. No feedback on that so far. Train to deliver this Friday.
  • Dani gave an update on the work for the EDP.
  • Alex together with Mickael will make sure that the Unconference session at EclipseCon will be split into interest groups after initial discussion.

October 9, 2018 - Alex, Lars, Tom, Dani, McQ

  • 4.10 plan and release record published
  • 4.10 M1 looks good, low number of bugs
  • Project naming - pushback in planning council and there will be no change until Eclipse Foundation provides the document describing the rules names should comply with
  • Performance tests
    • Lars: jdt.core performance tests not running
    • Dani: performance tests running (mostly) since Photon, most work done by Sravan
    • Dani: results look sane but need to be checked thoroughly for some time to ensure all the infra runs proper
    • Alex: SWT perf tests for 4.9 properly shown improvement in startup initialization

September 18, 2018 - Alex, Lars, Dani, Tom, McQ

  • Release looks ok, respin was required
  • EPL 2.0 conversion was done for the Eclipse SDK but not for the e4 sub projects
    • Lars: e4 repository have not been converted
    • Dani: JDT, Equinox, PDE and Equinox have been converted so the Eclipse SDK has been converted
    • Lars plans to convert the e4 spies
    • Dani will inform Wayne/ Webmaster about the EPL 2.0 migration of the Eclipse SDK
  • Alex suggests deleting the long dead e4 repository like e4 JDT (no commits for 5 years, they should be archived) -> Alex to announce on e4 mailing list
  • Lars reports that SAP might get more involved, he delivered a workshop for them and they have very skilled developers which hopefully will contribute to the platform.
  • Dani: JDT will create a common plan for its components under, similar to platform.

September 11, 2018 - Alex, Lars, Dani, Tom

  • Dani: 4.9 Review is done and passed
    • Release is looking good for final phase
    • RC2 is done - no planned changes left for 4.9
    • Moving on for 4.10
  • Alex: 4.9 is in good shape now
    • Had last minute issues that almost made us miss RC2 date. Felix SCR change in qualifier caused meta-data to be regenerated because of an upgrade in Tycho. Tycho now published generic OSGi capabilities. This lead to cases where Felix SCR would get included without equinox.ds. That lead to issues with activating Felix SCR.
    • Tycho is fixed now to handle starting of Felix SCR, worked around issue for 4.9
    • For 4.10 dropped 32-bit and gtk2 now
  • Tom: org.eclipse.equinox.ds to be removed. Decided to keep equinox.ds in the repository as part of the Equinox SDK feature, but it will not be shipped as part of the Eclipse SDK features.
    • Need to make sure other areas can handle equinox.ds missing (e.g PDE)
  • Dani: Informs us if the team attending Eclipse Day and EclipseCon events.
  • Via email: Pinging robot for bugs will be activated for all subcomponents of the Eclipse top level project, as it is currently not possible to activate the robot for only a sub-component.

September 04, 2018 - Alex, Lars, McQ, Tom

  • CQ in JDT was approved to create code duplication. Lars asked what caused that.
    • Delay in JDT review, biggest blocker is still not in JDT
    • Large change, agreed with Dani to get review priority review in 4.10 from the JDT team
  • Alex/Tom - 4.9 RC2 status
    • Looks good, no know bugs
  • Lars: Activate autoclose for Platform bugs?
    • Lars argues that platform and e4 has too many old bugs so people are not looking at them
    • McQ is against autoclose
    • Agreed by al to enable "Pinging the user if this problem still exists" for selected components (Platform/UI) and see how much feedback we get.
    • Email send to McQ, Tom and Alex if we could also add e4 to that pinging list -> all agreed to enable it also for e4 bugs

August 28, 2018 - Alex, Lars, Dani, Tom

  • Reminder - RC1 this week, RC2 next week
  • Dani on vacation starting this Friday
  • Dani will submit the release review and IP log before going on vacation (Wayne approved this)
    • Alex will handle all things that come up with that
  • EPL 2.0
    • Lars: almost done - few pending patches
    • Alex: boring work - hopefully EPL 3.0 only on 10 years

August 21, 2018 - Alex, Lars, Dani, Tom

  • Reminder - M3 this week RC1 next week
  • Milestone discussion
    • M2 and M3 are too close together.
    • Delivering M1 and M3 instead provides better space for the development team.
    • M1 will be short, but still should give us 1 month time to deliver.
    • For 4.10 we will try delivering M1 and M3 milestones.
  • Dani will look at submitting the release review and IP log early since he will be out during the week they are due.
    • Alex will cover if that cannot be done
  • EDP update - Arch council is making changes ... should ease some things.
    • For example, decoupling the project review from a project release. Project releases still will require IPLogs
  • Lots of bugs still open against 4.9.
    • Team needs to adjust milestones accordingly before 4.9 is done
  • Java 11
    • Work almost done to support Java 11.
    • Initial support will be delivered in Marketplace only (no 4.9a planned).
    • First official release with Java 11 support will be 4.10

August 14, 2018 - McQ, Alex, Lars, Dani, Tom

  • Changing our test framework to use JUnit 5 always (bug 531057)
    • In progress: suites are running, but some tests are aborting
    • Reports should be fine in next build
  • Release review and IP log will be coming soon
    • M3 next week, then one week for RC1 and one week for RC2
    • A lot of bugs in the backlog that need to have their milestone re-assigned
  • Once we get a few releases under our belt using the new process, we should do a retrospective looking at burn rates, quality, etc.
    • The good news is we no longer have to maintain two streams and back port changes.
  • Support for J9 shared classes merged into Equinox
    • Will not update launcher to specify them for this release
    • Need to provide doc on how users can specify the options themselves (via eclipse.ini)
  • McQ away for two weeks

August 7, 2018 - McQ, Alex, Lars, Dani

  • Dani: outstanding plan topics:
    • Target platforms should use SLES 15 (instead of 12)
      • Dani to talk to SWT team about this
    • Remove RHEL 7.4 (current is 7.5)
      • all agree to this
  • McQ to send note about Windows 32-bit EOL
  • Alex: ASM breakage in master — issue in Orbit; should be in next iBuild
  • Dani: shipped M2 last week everything went well

July 31, 2018 - Dani, Tom, Alex

  • Dani: For quality reasons, suggests to have an official M3 (August 24) since after RC1 (August 31) we will only have 1 week left
    • all agree to this
  • Dani: Initial 4.9 plan is ready but no feedback so far

July 10, 2018 - McQ, Dani, Tom, Alex

  • 32 bit support
    • Harder to find 32 bit JVM
    • Devs are not supposed to work on 32 bit OSes anymore
    • Agreement to drop support for 32 bit but keep sources and build support for some period to give people time to bring it back
  • GTK 2.x support in SWT
    • Planned to be removed for 2018-12 release
    • Needed so GTK 4.x port can be started prior to 4.0 release so SWT needs a taken into account from GTK devs
    • Bugs are not being looked at for some time already and GTK 3 has been the default for years now.
  • 4.9 release
    • M1 is this week
    • Platform will contribute I-build with some basic testing but not the full milestone which is to be done for the only milestone which is to be delivered for M2 of the SimRel

June 12, 2018 - McQ, Alex, Tom, Lars

  • RC4a looks good; hidpi fix is in place
    • no plans for further builds at this point

June 05, 2018 - McQ, Alex, Tom, Dani, Lars

  • Dani:
    • Image limit for help should be increased? -> Not covered in the call
    • Will most likely not be able to join the next call
  • Alex:
    • Support only last LTS version of Linux?
      • Agreement to drop old LTS versions for 4.9 but not to change the target environment for 4.8
    • Dropping big Endian -> we all agreed to drop it, MQ found the email to cross, so we can remove it
  • Lars:
    • Update to EPL 2.0?
      • change of about.html is trivial
      • requires version updates of MANIFEST.MF and pom.xml
      • Script for source update look good, Lars checked manually lots of files
      • Coordindate with Jay or Noopur for the JDT UI update
      • Dani suggested to announce such work via the mailing list so that everyone is aware of the work
    • Only one N&N per release? -> Agreed to have one document per release
    • Do we get a name for Photon+1 -> Dani: Our SDK is called 4.9, splash screen will only be month year, planning counsil still discussing
    • Include Tips and Tricks in the SDK -> Not covered in the call

May 29, 2018 - Alex, Tom, Dani

  • Dani:
    • Uploaded IP log
    • Working on issue with IP log: looks like a CQ is missing for
    • Finalized Photon plan
    • Sent Release Review material for approval to PMC mailing list
    • RC3 looks good so far

May 22, 2018 - Alex, Tom, McQ, Dani

  • EPL 2.0
    • Still working with foundation on whether we can gradually move to 2.0
  • Will we be supporting updates from release to release in the new 3 month release cycle?
    • Yes, unless we explicitly indicate otherwise.
    • To simplify this, we should have a "latest" update site
    • We need to make this simpler for users, but not get in the way of the EPP, OOMF, etc.
    • Alex to write this up in more detail
    • Dani reminded us that there had been a previous discussion in the planning council
  • Project leads have updated Photon plans
    • Dani will be updating the overall plan; PMC to comment on bug 529640
  • Dani also working on release review and IP log
    • PMC members to approve once it's ready
  • As previously discussed our first milestone will be called "M2"

May 15, 2018 - Alex, Tom, McQ, Lars, Dani

  • GDPR
    • audit did not report any issues on our project pages
  • Opening development for 4.9
    • Will branch RC2 and update master with required Releng work
    • master will be open after RC3
  • EPL 2.0
    • No plans to do anything for 4.8
    • Lars will look into it
    • Ideally we gradually move to 2.0

May 8, 2018 - Dani, Alex, Tom, McQ

  • GDPR
    • Eclipse Project collects no information from the users on the project websites
    • The Error Reporting tool, might be impacted
    • Also possibly bugzilla <-- Do we need to delete bugs older than some retention period?
    • Impossible to remove emails from all git repos (because of cloning)
    • We need to be sure to respond to requests from the foundation
  • Jetty
    • 9.4.10 is in latest build, and help system is working
    • they made the dependencies that were problematic optional

May 1, 2018 - cancelled due to public holiday in most Europe

April 24, 2018 - Dani, Lars, Alex, Tom

  • Target environments
    • We will keep Java 8 and 10 and remove java 9 from the list
    • remove JVMs as soon as they run out of support from target environments - AGREED
  • javax.annotation
    • Version shipped is quite old, should we update it to newer version
    • Update to latest standalone release to be tried
    • Alex to try to drive this through
  • Notify cross project about removal of ee modules from the JVM
    • People don't follow Java 11 work so will probably be surprised when things start to fail so we better try to spread the information
    • Dani will send a link to the JEP containing detailed information
  • Contribution guidelines
    • Do not open bugs for simple changes and cleanups
    • Actual bug fixes to be split from cleanups in separate patches so the bug commit is straight on the topic
    • Dani will update the wiki
  • Cancel May 1st call - public holiday in Europe

April 17, 2018 - Dani, Alex, McQ

  • On Java 11...
    • We are actually shipping the javax annotation support
    • Java 11 is working in 4.8, but isn't in 4.7.x
      • Tom Watson is investigating why it is not working 4.7.x

April 10, 2018 - Tom, Dani, Lars, Alex

  • Discussed bug 533390: Eclipse does not launch with Java 11

April 3, 2018 - Tom, Dani, Mcq, Lars

  • 4.7.3a update
    • Delivered RC2 on Saturday, so we could fix some badness in handling Java 10 "var" support (tl;dr: rename appeared to allow you to affect "var" as if it were a type (but would not have modified the code))
    • Currently think we're done
  • Naming milestones
    • As previously discussed, we will contribute the most recent I-build to the release train for the 3-week "M1".
    • We will call our first milestone (at the 6-week point) M2 so that it aligns with the release train naming.

March 27, 2018 - Tom, Dani, Mcq, Lars, Alex

  • Java packages for configured Java in workspace
    • Equinox no longer provides hard-coded information about execution environments. In the past this information was used at runtime for describing the running execution environment within the OSGi Framework. Other usecases outside the Framework started uses the Java profile data from Equinox. Equinox no longer has any need for the hard-coded information so no longer provides it.
    • JDT and PDE have come to depend on the internal resources of the framework to get hard-coded information about execution environments
    • JDT and PDE need to have a common way to figure out the available packages for Java versions >= Java 9
    • See 531642 532773
  • SWT clean-up
    • Lars reviewed the removal of Windows XP. Built binaries locally on Windows.
    • Found a form data issue deleted some code that was still used
    • Tom - Unit tests didn’t catch the issue. Concerning?

--> Update from Lars after the call: Later testing did show that this is a bug already existing in Eclipse. 4.7 and master and not related to the patch

    • Lars did review and test
    • Dani - put all the code in the branch and produce a build and ask windows community to test it
    • Mcq - thinks it is a good idea
    • Dani - create an official build for testing, not out of master with normal builds
    • Lars - what is the risk of putting in master
    • Dani - can do the build right away pre-CQ review approval. Allows for more quick testing.
    • Alex, no need for a branch, can be a developer build we publish. Alex will ask Leo to do this.
  • Jetty version
    • Jetty added non-optional dependencies on service-loader
    • Dani - got reverted, but old versions still caused Gerrit build issue
    • We don’t need the service-loader for our usage of jetty
    • jetty may be making a hard requirement on an implementation of server-loader (Aries spi-fly)
    • Can we move help off jetty? Will be a major undertaking. Should figure out what it would me to do so. Currently no interested contributer has stepped up to do the work to figure out what this would mean.
    • Equinox will still need jetty for the http service implementation. Perhaps things are more simple if this is an Equinox only dependency. Only pull in jetty if the http service implementation is needed and then pull in all of jetty and its dependencies.
    • No current plans or interested contributors for providing our own service-loader implementation.
    • Our build should start resolving the capabilities are requirements which would catch issues like this early in the build.
    • Alex - can we move latest tycho to get the capability/requirements meta-data. No objections? Alex will move forward.

March 20, 2018 - Dani, McQ, Tom, Lars, Alex

  • Dani: The IBM SWT team considers the Windows XP removal too risky and in addition has no capacity to look at that big change. Fine if someone else looks at the removal. The type changes will have to wait after Photon (too risky). Lars will ask Conrad and Alex will also look at the patches.
  • Databinding generification should be done early 4.9, too late for Photon.
  • Dani: Eclipse support for Java 10 will be merged to the official branches starting Wednesday. A Marketplace entry for 4.7.3 will be made available once 4.7.3 is released. The first official release with Java 10 support is 4.7.3a scheduled for April 11.

March 13, 2018 - Dani, McQ, Tom

  • Alex had troubles to join; Lars still in vacation
  • Dani: in the new release process we need to downgrade some milestones to "checkpoints" where we only deliver the bits
    • ACTION ITEM: Dani to start the discussion with the PMC via e-mail and then inform cross-project

March 6, 2018 - McQ, Tom, Alex

  • Short call without any interesting topics

February 27, 2018 - Lars, Dani, McQ, Tom, Alex

  • JDT support for new Java releases
    • McQ: With current change rate and OpenJDK process we can not promise Zero day compatibility but rather release as soon as possible
    • Dani: effort to try convincing Oracle to tell the features a release earlier and get easier access to OpenJDK community
  • Dropping XP support
    • Dani: no objection to drop it, the question is whether to do it for Photon or delay it for next release
    • Mail to be posted to cross project by Dani to gather feedback
    • Alex: 1 week for gathering input on cross-project - AGREED
    • If noone speaks up with reasonable reason to keep support - preapproved by Dani, Lars and Alex
    • To be formally voted after the mail to cross-project
  • Release names
    • Version only, release names are irrelevant from Eclipse TLP side - AGREED
  • Inactive committers pruning
    • Lars: no access to committer emails so sending just to the mailing list
    • Wait 2 months for reply before action
    • McQ: ask foundation to send direct mails on behalf of the project, if foundation is not fine - remove committers directly
    • Alex: only public replies to the mailing list are accepted so people wanting to remain committers at least follow the mailing list
  • Tip of the day -
    • Lars: CQ approved, to be merged today/tomorrow
    • Alex: we should have it part of the build and part of the p2 repo for easy testing
    • Dani: unclear APIs to be removed and to be simplified so we don't end up maintaining useless parts
  • GTK 2 vs. 4
    • Alex: Gtk 4 release aiming at late 2018, it's big change in drawing so conflicts with Gtk 2 badly
    • Alex: Gtk 2 support to be removed in future one of the next 2 releases, whether Sep or Dec to be discussed later in the Photon release train
    • Alex: mail to cross project list around Photon M7 or RC when more information on both Gtk 4 release plans and SWT bugs will be known
    • McQ: what is our statement on supported Gtk version?
    • Alex: Statement should be: Once SWT switches to latest Gtk version as default, support for previous versions goes into deep maintenance mode but will kept until it starts hurting new development and support for the default version at which point to be removed.
    • To be discussed further.

February 20, 2018 - Lars, Dani, McQ, Tom

  • Dani: Update on 4.7 RC3
  • Lars: Can we drop Windows XP support?
    • Lars: Big contribution comes in (, dropping XP support might be a good motiviation to contribute more also to other people. Removing lots of code including the version checks will also result in a cleaner code base for maintenance and might improve performance.
    • Dani: IBM investigate if they officially drop XP
    • Tom: Do we need support XP with the latest Eclipse version?

--> Pending on the answer of the IBM team, will be discussed in next weeks call

  • Tom: OSGI CQs updated and approved for OSGi Service Platform 7.0 version

February 6, 2018 - Lars, Dani, McQ

  • Lars: Can we mark MInput and MInputPart for deletion (bug 509868)?
    • Dani: Before approving to mark them for deletion, someone has to investigate how much work needs to be done to do it. Both have over 50 references.
      • McQ agrees
  • Dani: Topic on ui-best-practices-working-group list: Replace "..." with an ellipses Unicode character
    • Looks good on Mac and is actually used by Mac OS, but less good on Windows. No info regarding Linux at this time
    • McQ:
      • Mac OS UI guidelines specify to use the ellipses character
      • SWT could do the right thing depending on the platform
  • Lars: view menu, minimize and maximize buttons look bad to him. Would like to replace the view menu with ellipses
    • Dani: Would have to change all three together. View menu is always there and not indicating an overflow
    • McQ: Windows 10 also uses a triangle, but upwards. Current view menu is used and familiar to users for at least more than 10 years.
    • Lars to file a bug report and send the bug number to the PMC
  • McQ: Should discuss in one of the next meetings how JDT can handle the new release cadence for Java
    • Dani: We will see how it goes with Java 11 (18.3)
  • Dani: How will we name the milestones in our new new release scheme?
    • Consensus to start with M1 after each release.
    • Up to planning council to decide the release naming convention. Lars: Would prefer year/month

January 30, 2018 - Alex, Lars, Dani, Tom

  • General Updates (Dani)
    • Shipped M5, still working some p2 issues
    • RC1 for Neon.3 next week, may need API changes after the freeze for junit 5 support updates
    • Discussion about the incubation for Java. Ongoing thread in jdt-dev list The incubation features will be part of the release specification which implies they need to be implemented to be compliant. Spend time putting them into a release only to pull out later if they don’t finalize. Not clear there are tests added to the TCK. Alex asks if this effects us for Java 10, no not for Java 10. Java 10 only has local type reference, not huge delta of function from Java 9. No incubation in Java 10. But incubation may affect us for Java 11.
  • Info about infrastructure (Alex)
    • Foundation push to move to Jenkins. Releng has moved, uncovered issues with rest API and token exchange … disabled for now for Jenkins. Issue is being worked but only can be fixed once all is moved to Jenkins.
    • Platform HIPP moving to Jenkins tomorrow. Will be some downtime, should be less than an hour or so. May cause several issue. Issues in non-standard jobs with multiple repos etc. For Gerrit verifications should be fine. Let Alex know if there are issues. Alex to send a note when the migration occurs.
    • p2 issue is real. Other issues are pressing (infrastucture/build). Todor has a bug that he should be looking at. Not something happening in the past, but now the capabilities are being resolved. Issues happened with a hand crafted p2.inf file. Hopefully will scope down the p2.inf files. Alex to drive to determine if a respin is needed.
    • Need to monitor the p2 issue, determine how many are broken. Cannot just break 100s of folks without serious consideration. Why not revert? Alex says it is not an option and we should do everything possible to fix.
    • Lars asks about nominating more committers, perhaps that were rejected in the past. Now the Eclipse PMC can overlook the nomination process. Work with existing contributors showing interest and look for opportunities to sponsor them for committership.
  • Tip of the day (Clippy)
    • See Tips Framework
    • Tip of the Day or (Clippy) in coming contribution … looking for integration M6?
    • Lars thinks it is worth it. Dani disables such things by default, and also Lars. Alex find the function interesting. Others are also reviewing the patch.
    • Lars is moving forward with it. If it is very easy to disable and is stable on all platforms then it should be good.
    • Is there a concern about a solution that requires network … it doesn’t appear to be a concern.

January 16, 2018 - Alex, Lars, Dani, Tom

  • Native builds at status (Lars):
    • Dani: swt is done for some time already
    • Dani: launchers after M5 is released to prevent breakage
  • GTK launcher changes (Alex):
    • Changes to not rely on X11 atoms but on dbus ready for review
    • Linux only as no other GTK platforms are currently built
  • Equinox CQs (Tom):
    • P2 capabilities patch from Todor and felix.scr update
    • Slow process risking M5
    • Alex: Ping Sharon asking for speedup if possible
  • Updates from Dani:
    • Photon plan update - BREE to be part of the build info
    • End game - Oxygen.3 and M5 - send to the list
    • Running tests against Java 9
  • Java 10 eclipse release (Dani):
    • Oxygen.3a or marketplace feature only - Agreement for oxygen.3a
    • Dani: Local Variable type inference support in a branch
    • Future releases - to be aligned with JVM releases if they prove to release on time
  • BREE updates recomendations
    • Dani: There are reasons to stay on older BREE
    • Alex: ease of getting jvm is the main concern here - if a contributor can't get jvm at that version easily we can't call it supported

Januar 09, 2018 - McQ, Alex, Lars, Dani

  • Updates from Dani:
    • Ian Skerrett is leaving the Eclipse foundation
    • Dani got nominated as committer representive
  • Planning council update
    • Dani: low participation in the last calls
    • Dani will talk with Melanie about it
    • Input required for the planning council for the API and feature freezes for the platform
  • API and feature freeze policy in platform
      • Alex: API and feature freeze in platform should be RC1, except breaking API which should be done in milestone build
      • everyone agrees to Alex suggestion-> agreed
  • Alex: SWT linux currently uses X-Windows specific API, which does not work on Wayland. This will be moved to a DBUS API to open file and open URL
  • Dani: Plan update, biggest change is for the component plan
    • Equinox plan has been added
    • Manual generated BREE list has been dropped from the plan. This list is still automatically generated for every I-Build
  • Launcher and natives build move from IBM to the foundation still in progress
    • (bug 528230) Build FileSystem native component on Eclipse Foundation Infra
    • (bug 528230) Build launcher on Eclipse Foundation Infra


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