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EMF Compare/Specifications/CSShandlingForPapyrus

Evolution Specification: CSS handling for Papyrus

Current status is 'DRAFT


CSS handling for Papyrus.

_Relevant tickets_ (links to the Bugzilla tickets which are related to the change):


Appearance in Papyrus diagram are handled through CSS style sheets which are only stored on “set” within the notation models. EMF Compare have to forbid the merge of CSS changes when they have not been “set” directly on the object.

Detailed Specification

Test protocol

Create profile with custom shape
  • Create a UML profile model
  • Create a stereotype (which extend an UML element for example a component)
  • Select the UML property tab and add an icon using the + button
    • Give the icon a name
    • Set the kind to "shape"
    • Set the format to "SVG"
    • Set the location to of the SVG file (use platform:/resource/path_to_file for not integrated icon and platform:/plugin/path_to_file for integrated icon)
  • Save and export the profile (Done wile saving)

Note: Following the documentation it should be possible to use relative path to the icon however in my tests it did not work.

Symbole documentation

Apply the custom shape to your model
  • Create UML model with stereotyped elements in it
  • Create CSS file to apply the custom SVG shape on your stereotyped elements:
    • Create a new .css file
    • Use the following example to customize (This example customizes uml components with the stereotype "YOUR_STEREOTYE_NAME")

@charset "UTF-8";

Component[appliedStereotypes~="YOUR_STEREOTYE_NAME"] > Compartment[type="compartment_shape_display"]{

Component[appliedStereotypes~="YOUR_STEREOTYE_NAME"] > Compartment {

Component[appliedStereotypes~="YOUR_STEREOTYE_NAME"] {

Test result

The tab shows you the result of a comparison between two papyrus models in a git repository. Each use case uses a different level of integrartion (Model, Workspace etc..) or a different type of profile. Every step of each test has been recorded in a git repository that you can download (a target platform file is included in the zip). To reproduce the comparison select the branch that is matching your use case and compare with previsous version. Please read carafully the history of the scenario that you want to reproduce .Some projects should be integrated to the platform and some other are projects holding models. For each use case a screenshot of the result has been taken to faster the read of the tab.

Not integrated CSS Integrated CSS Embedded CSS
Level of integration Workspace Project Model Diagram Workspace Model
Dynamic profile not integrated -

DynamicProfileNotIntegrated Workspace.png


DynamicProfileNotIntegrated Project.png


DynamicProfileNotIntegrated Model.png


DynamicProfileNotIntegrated Diag.png


DynamicProfileNotIntegrated IntegratedCss.png


DynamicProfileNotIntegrated EmbeddedCss.png

Dynamic profile integrated -

IntegratedDynamicProfile Diag.png


IntegratedDynamicProfile Diag.png


IntegratedDynamicProfile Model.png


IntegratedDynamicProfile Diag.png


IntegratedDynamicProfile IntegratedCss.png


IntegratedDynamicProfile EmbeddedCss.png

Static profile (generated sources) x (Profile not loaded)

StaticProfile Workspace.png

x (Profile not loaded)

StaticProfile Project.png

x (Profile not loaded)

StaticProfile Model.png

x (Profile not loaded)

StaticProfile Diag.png

x (Profile not loaded)

StaticProfile IntegratedCss.png

x (Profile not loaded)

StaticProfile EmbeddedCss.png

Test result after implementation

Required review for CSS integration:

Required review to reproduce scenarios without any error:

CSS File Deployed CSS Embedded CSS
Activated on Workspace Project Model Diagram Workspace Model
Dynamic profile v v v v v v
Dynamic profile (deployed) v v v v v v
Static profile (deployed) v v v v v v

Remaining bugs

SVG renderer

There is a bug on some linux OS when loading SVG image to replace papyrus shape for a stereotype element. If you get the following error:

java: /build/buildd/cairo-1.12.16/src/cairo-surface.c :930 : cairo_surface_destroy: l'assertion « ((*&(&surface->ref_count)->ref_count) > 0) » a échoué.

Add the following argument to the JVM arguements:

  • -Dorg.eclipse.swt.internal.gtk.cairoGraphics=false

UML and EMF Compare


CSS changes

CSS stylesheets are referenced using path instead of basic EMF "href" mechanism. This means that the stylesheet will not be part of the logical model (computed by EMF Compare). It implies that EMF Compare will not be able to make a difference between the stylesheet of the "local" logical model and the one from the "remote" logical model. Consequently, all diagram viewers will use the local stylesheet. Moreover, EMF Compare will not be able to detect any visual change induced by the modification of the stysheet between two revisions.

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