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DSDP/PMC/Board Report 2008



The Eclipse Device Software Development Platform (DSDP) Project is an open source collaborative software development project dedicated to providing an extensible, standards-based platform to address a broad range of needs in the device software development space using the Eclipse platform. DSDP is a top-level container project that includes several independent technology sub-projects focused on the embedded and mobile space.

Quick Project History

  • Founded March 2005 by Wind River
  • 2005: 2 founding projects: DD and TM.
  • 2006: 4 new proejcts, 1 moved proejct: MTJ, NAB, TmL, NAB created. eRCP moves to DSDP.
  • 2007: 1 proposal, 1 reboot, 2 projects on train: VPP proprosed, MTJ rebooted. TM and DD on train.
  • 2008: 1 new proejct, 1 project move, 3 projects on train: RTSC created, eRCP to move to RT project. TM, DD, NAB on train.
  • 2009: 3-5 projects on train, 1 new proposal likely: TM, DD, NAB on train. MTJ, TmL hoping to be on train.

Current Stats

  • Committer Totals: 45 committers, 10 active committer companies.
    • This is a count of "active" and "participating", in general.
    • We've paired down our committer lists. Inactive committers are left on the roles for continued component maintenance.
    • As with most projects, committer lists are very fluid.
  • DSDP (top-level)
    • Doug Gaff - PMC Lead - Wind River
    • 7 additional PMC members - one for each proejct
    • 5 companies represented on PMC (Wind River, IBM, Motorola, Fujitsu, TI)
  • Device Debugging (DD)
    • Pawel Piech - DD Lead - Wind River
    • 7 committers
    • 3 companies (Wind River, Ericsson, ARM)
    • 3 additional contributor companies (ST Micro, Nokia, Freescale).
  • Embedded Rich Client Platform (eRCP)
    • Mark Rogalski - eRCP PMC Lead - IBM
    • Gorkem Ercan from Nokia is Project Lead
    • 9 committers, 3 companies (IBM, Nokia, Prosyst)
  • Mobile Tools for Java (MTJ)
    • Christian Kurzke - MTJ Lead - Motorola
    • 5 committers, 2 companies (Motorola, individual), 1 additional contributor company (Sybase)
  • Native Application Builder (NAB)
    • Shigeki Moride - NAB Lead - Fujitsu
    • 2 committers, 1 company (Fujitsu)
  • Real-Time Software Components (RTSC)
    • Dave Russo - RTSC Lead - TI
    • 5 committers, 1 company (TI)
  • Target Management (TM)
    • Martin Oberhuber - TM Lead - Wind River
    • 11 committers, 4 companies (Wind River, IBM, MontaVista, ProSyst)
  • Tools for Mobile Linux (TmL)
    • Eric Cloninger - TmL Lead - Motorola
    • 5 committers, 1 company (Motorola, another coming soon)

Board Reports for the 7 projects in DSDP

  • DSDP/DD/Board_Report_2008
    • Highlights: Strong architecture, strong debug platform influence, excellent processes and leadership, good diversity/transparency/meritocracy, commercial adoption is ramping up.
    • Growth: Increasing the end-user tooling for GDB support.
    • Future plans: Some technology moving to CDT, some to platform, some to DSDP incubator.
  • DSDP/eRCP/BoardReport2008
    • Highlights: Consistent participation from committer companies. Focused on maintaining support for existing phone platforms.
    • Growth: Broadening phone support and mobile company participation. Linux-based (GTK) phone support.
    • Future plans: Hoping to add the P3ML technology. Moving to RT project this year.
  • DSDP/MTJ/BoardReport2008
    • Highlights: Stagnated when Nokia strategy changed, but rebooted under Motorola. EclipseME codebase merging with MTJ, which will bring consolidation in the Eclipse-based JME tooling. Release plans for this year and next.
    • Growth: Broader mobile company participation, moving the EclipseME community to MTJ.
    • Board assistance: more people working on CQ's!
    • Future plans: Releasing rebooted project in October. Release planned for next year.
  • DSDP/NAB/BoardReport2008
    • Highlights: Mature technology, excellent product adoption in Japan, excellent established Japanese community.
    • Growth: Committer diversity, localized bugzilla UI to encourage Japanese participation, moving the WideStudio community to Eclipse.
    • Future plans: 1.0 release next year.
  • DSDP/RTSC/BoardReport2008
    • Highlights: Mature technology (XDCtools), excellent connection to the embedded community, strong commercial adoption.
    • Growth: Moving the TI-based community into the open under Eclipse, becoming more diverse.
    • Future plans: Eclipse release next year.
  • DSDP/TM/Board Report 2008
    • Highlights: Strong project management, excellent processes, excellent committer growth and diversity, popular technology with great adoption.
    • Growth: Continuing the momentum in new areas, especially TCF.
    • Future plans: Galileo train, TCF technology moving to 1.0.
    • Board assistance: DSDP Packaging initiative - maybe some IP guidance.
  • DSDP/TML/BoardReport2008
    • Highlights: Project was stagnant, but it's now running smoothly.
    • Growth: Need to grow committer and technology base.
    • Future plans: Potential Galileo release.
    • Board assistance: mentoring, more people working on CQ's.

Future Projects

  • DSDP Incubator (to be created)
    • For small, new technologies that aren't ready to be a full project. Likely no PMC member until they become a full project.
    • Virtual Prototyping Platform (VPP) - SystemC tooling - will incubate here. We weren't able to get enough support for a full project.
  • Proposal coming soon for tooling for an industrial processing language.
  • Eclipse Mobile Working Group - ADK (Application Developer Kit) project proposal from Motorola and Nokia.

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