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This is the proposed Report for the NAB project, to be presented to the Eclipse Board on September 17, 2008.

Review of project scope and charter

(a description of where within the defined scope work is actually taking place. The PMC should also provide some guidance as to whether the scope and charter documents should be revised. Things may have changed since the charter was approved by the Board.)

The Native Application Builder (NAB) project creates faramework to build a C++ and several languages GUI applications. The goal is to allow the user to write a GUI application once and build it for many platforms without changing the code.

Since the scope of the DSDP project is the embedded space, the NAB project was created to bring into Eclipse the portionsof the WideStudio tool that are focused on building embedded GUI’s in C++. Conceptually, this is similar to SWT and JFace, with the notable exception that the NAB tool is written in C++ and designed for use in C++ applications.

The NAB project was born out of the WideStudio/MWT open source project.

  • WideStudio/MWT is a general tool and run-time library for building GUI applications on multiple host and embedded platforms, such as Windows, Linux, MacOS, and several embedded real-time operating systems.

The NAB is started at the WideStudio application builder ported to the Eclipse environment.

  • The MWT libraries are not included in the project, since they are run-time implementations for multiple operating systems, many of which are not embedded. Users of NAB can pick up the desired run-time portions from the WideStudio website.

This NAB project started at WideStudio/MWT. But it aim for an extensible framework for various tools.

A high-level review of technical progress, strategy and release plans.

Almost complete implementation of Framework and Example tool.

  • Ready to release 1.0

Self-assessment of the performance of the project

under the following headings (inspired by the Three Communities section of the Development Process):

Performance as an Eclipse open source project


Cooperation with WideStudio user community.

  • WideStudio is popular open source project in Japan.


NAB community is based on WideStudio community in Japan. It’s means almost communication are in outside of eclipse resources.

  • Project communication is mainly on WideStudio ML in Japanese.
  • We have to make NAB own community.

We need Japanese friendly environment to pulling up the community (user and developer) to Eclipse side, such as…

  • Japanese web site that is builded only Japanese, no English.
  • Complete Japanized Bugzilla.
  • Japanese frontend of ML subscription page.
  • And more…


NAB is trying hard to attract new committers and contributors to the project. Given the small number of committers, we haven't had the opportunity to demonstrate meritocracy.


2 committers from Fujitsu (One committer is a founder of WideStusio community).

  • Direct contributions from Fujitsu.
  • Communication is mainly at WideStudio ML in Japanese.

Diversity growth is a challenge for us, as there are no interested contributors coming from the Wide Studio community. As we build a NAB community outside of Japan, we hope to have more outside contributions.

Compliance with the Purposes (e.g. are they successfully “..supplying frameworks and exemplary, extensible tools..”?)

Yes: NAB is standing on "Framework and Example Tool" model.

  • Application Builder/Example Tool
    • MWTAB (MWT Application builder) as example tool.
  • Framework
    • NAEF (Native Application Editor Framework) for Visual Editing
    • NCGF (Native Code Generation Framework) Source code generator driver

End user community and adoption.

NAB community is based on WideStudio community in Japan. It's a major open source project in Japan.

  • Fujitsu sells "Inspirium UI Library" with NAB as SDK.[1]
  • Many Publishing around WideStudio are listed here[2].
  • Supported Embedded systems are listed here[3].

Commercial community and adoption. E.g. is the technology from the project showing up in products.

Fujitsu is using NAB as IDE in a SDK for there Embedded library product.

Compliance with the Roadmap

We are making the plan for next major release now.

Board Assistance


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