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Review of project scope and charter

The overall Scope of eRCP is to provide a small OSGi/RCP runtime for mobile devices. Major components include eSWT as the GUI API, and microXML, an extremely small, but full featured XML parser.

Supported platforms are win32, Windows Mobile, WinCE and Nokia S60.

A high-level review of technical progress, strategy and release plans.

The project has had three major releases at a rate of one per year, along with interimm maintenance releases. We have maintained a schedule of following the Eclipse release train by one or two months. Future plans are to continue this release schedule.

Self-assessment of the performance of the project

The project has met the original goals of producing a viable embedded runtime.

Performance as an Eclipse open source project

Participation by IBM and Nokia committers has been consistently good since the project's founding. An additional committer from ProSyst has been very beneficial. There are many community participants who open bugs and even a few who suggest patches. However, in general, community contribution has been less than hoped for. Almost all work is done by IBM and Nokia.


eRCP is open to external observers and participants. Most communication is done via mailing list.


All our work is documented using the standard Eclipse tools, Bugzilla, IP Zilla, and CVS commit logs.


We evaluate feature proposals on technical merit, and all participants on the mailing list have opportunity to participate in discussions.


Committers represent three different companies. Community participants represent many other companies, although an accounting of them is not readily determinable.

Compliance with the Purposes

eRCP is providing a high quality, extensible application framework for mobile devices as intended in our charter.

End user community and adoption

Uptake by the community has been approximately 7000 downloads per release.

Commercial community and adoption

Uptake by industry has been moderately successful. Major commercial uptake has been: Lotus Expeditor - IBM eSWT shipped on Nokia S60 phones Sprint Titan - Next Generation Java Platform

Compliance with the Roadmap

We have always met major roadmaped releases in the timeframes projected.

Board Assistance

Not sure what this means.


eRCP may be "standardized" by OSGi, thereby gaining a compliance test suite and recognition as a key industry application framework.

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