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Notice: This Wiki is now read only and edits are no longer possible. Please see: for the plan.

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Device Software Development Platform / Mobile Tools for the Java Platform

Welcome to the Mobile Tools for the Java Platform (MTJ) Project Wiki.
These pages are meant as an open, collaborative platform for discussions and exchanging ideas.
For official information and documents, see the Official DSDP-MTJ Website.


The discussion section list some topics that need to be discussed inside MTJ Project. For each topic that one specific wiki page. Feel free to edit each page and add your contribution to the discussion.

Planning & Minutes

For each release that is planned on MTJ, it is necessary to add a separated WiKi page that details its scope.


This section lists the main requirements that are supported on MTJ (both functional and non functional) and after that details each use case. Besides that the test procedures that should be used on MTJ are also detailed here.

Developer Resources

Refer to the Developer Resources pages for information for guides on adopted standards, the releng process and how to document things.


The calendar is available in the following formats: ICal,XML,HTML

MTJ Reboot

MTJ was rebooted in the beginning of this year. The project aimed at first to provide at least the same functionality that is currently available on EclipseME

MTJ 0.7 WiKi (before reboot)

There was a lot of content produced on MTJ before the project as rebooted. All this content is linked from this WiKi page. We don't plan to maintain this content and it is listed here mostly for reference

Executive Summary

The purpose of the Mobile Tools for the Java Platform (MTJ) project is to extend the Eclipse platform to enable developers to develop, debug, and deploy mobile Java applications to emulators and real devices. The project will develop frameworks that can be extended by tool vendors and tools that can be used by third-party developers.

MTJ 1.1.0 New & Noteworthy

This release focus is mainly the migration of MTJ to Helios Release. It also contains bug fixes and improvements, as can be seen at:;query_format=advanced;target_milestone=1.1;product=MTJ

API Policy

Declared API

The declared APIs in MTJ are provided as public and documented. New APIs should be approved by the project lead. Deprecated APIs should also be approved by the project lead. They should be notified for the community, and not be removed for at least 2 major releases.

Provisional and Internal API

Provisional APIs should be used while development is occurring. If successfully adopted, they might become declared APIs. If not, they can be removed. In any situation, the community should be notified.

Retention Policy

Formal releases are kept forever on both the main download page and update site.

While developing a new release, milestone and its related nightly builds will be kept. Once we move to a next Milestone, the nightly builds related to the previous Milestone will be deleted, and the previous Milestone will be moved to Archive.

This way, the main page will always contain the latest release and the current milestone and nightly builds under development.

This policy applies to the update site as well.

ATTENTION: A specific build might be kept if a product depends on it. If this is the case, contact MTJ team in order to warn them that you depend on such build.

What if these policies don't work for you?

Just ask. Open a bug or post an email in our mailing list (web) and request what you need.

Project Metrics

Number of bundles

  • Features: 3
  • Plugins: 25

Number of committers

  • 5 (Craig Setera, Diego Sandin, Daniel Pastore, Gorkem Ercan, Gustavo de Paula)

Lines of code (plugins)

Plugin name Lines
antenna.preprocessor.v3 0
de.schlichtherle.truezip 0
jmunit.framework 0
org.eclipse.mtj.core 26555
org.eclipse.mtj.core.hooks 312
org.eclipse.core.preverifier 1330
org.eclipse.mtj.eswt.templates 63
org.eclipse.mtj.example.library 16
org.eclipse.mtj.examples.jadextension 152
org.eclipse.mtj.examples.templates 207
org.eclipse.mtj.examples.toolkit.sdkprovidertestclamp 309
org.eclipse.mtj.examples.toolkit.sdkprovidertestclamp2 309
org.eclipse.mtj.examples.toolkits 583 198
org.eclipse.mtj.jmunit 2363
org.eclipse.mtj.templates 596
org.eclipse.mtj.toolkit.microemu 349
org.eclipse.mtj.toolkit.mpowerplayer 302
org.eclipse.mtj.toolkit.uei 922
org.eclipse.mtj.ui 46306
TOTAL 80866

Number of bugs

  • Fixed in 1.1 release: 22 (as of May 14)
  • Closed or Resolved: 677 (as of May 14)

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