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Notice: this Wiki will be going read only early in 2024 and edits will no longer be possible. Please see: for the plan.

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DSDP/MTJ/MTJ Analysis and 2008 Planing


Please Note: MTJ is currently under construction.

We are analyzing the current Requirements, Architecture, and Code of the project with the goal to come up with a road map for the 2008 MTJ development.

THIS IS A GOOD TIME for any new developers who want to get up to speed and JOIN THE PROJECT.

The main aspect that should drive this is analysis is the framework vs. tools question. Which is related to:

  • who is the target MTJ user? a tools developer? a javaME developer or both?
  • most major device manufactures nowadays just point to eclipseME and eclipseSDK

Based on that the MTJ requirements and architecture should be decided.

Below is a list of suggested pages used to collaborate on this process. Feel free to edit or to add new pages.

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