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COSMOS Reconciliation Taxonomy

Reconciliation Taxonomy

The Reconciliation Taxonomy defines a basic set of resource types and the properties typically used to identify instances of each resource type. The purpose of the taxonomy is to describe enough information about a resource (e.g., a computer system) to determine whether two management data repositories have data about the same resource, even given that each repository uses a different data model. For example, some identifying properties about a computer system are manufacturer, model, serial number, system board UUID, and primary MAC address. Such a taxonomy could be used in different contexts, including implementations of the CMDB Federation specification and launch in context scenarios.

The use of a reconciliation taxonomy is a compromise between trying to get the entire IT industry to adopt a single data model (considered to be impractical) and defining no common data at all, which would require a bespoke model mapping for each pairwise integration of management data repositories.

Change History

Name: Date: Revised Sections:
Mark Johnson 11/7/2008
  • Initial version
David Whiteman 11/11/2008
  • Filled out initial draft of development process


The terminologies/acronyms below are commonly used throughout this document. The list below defines each term regarding how it is used in this document:

Term Definition
CMDB Configuration Management Database
CMDBf CMDB Federation is a specification for federating data between CMDBs and/or management data repositories
RTx COSMOS Reconciliation Taxonomy


Design Pattern

Development Process

The initial contribution of this implementation will be provided as part of enhancement 242818.

New requirements are to be submitted via Eclipse bugzilla by submitting an enhancement request against the Resource Modeling component of COSMOS. Errors or defects in the current reconciliation taxonomy should be reported as bugs, also against the Resource Modeling component of COSMOS.

Enhancement and defect work will be discussed and approved by the community on the COSMOS Resource Modeling calls. New work will be considered for the a future iteration, along with other COSMOS line items, and will be prioritized based on available resources, as defined in the COSMOS development process.

Changes to the schema will be provided by contributors as patch file attachments to the related bugzilla reports. Project committers will then review and apply the patches in CVS.

To load the RTx into Eclipse, setup a new CVS repository in Eclipse using these instructions and navigate to HEAD/org.eclipse.cosmos/resource-modeling/org.eclipse.cosmos.rm.example.rtx.

Open Issues/Questions

  • "Taxonomy" might not be the best choice, could evoke baggage from unrelated fields. Consider changing.

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