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Each Project has a Development Team, led by a Project Lead. The Development Team is composed of Committers and Contributors. Contributors are individuals who contribute code, fixes, tests, documentation, or other work that is part of the Project. Committers have write access to the source code repository(ies) for the associated Project and are expected to influence the Project's development.

For a description of team roles and responsibilities see COSMOS Roles and Responsibilities.

The COSMOS Project wishes to acknowledge contributions made by the following people:


Jason Losh (SAS) - Architect Lead, COSMOS Project Lead

Component Leads

  • Jimmy Mohsin (Computer Associates) - Data Collection Lead and Data Visualization Lead
  • David Whiteman (IBM) - Resource Modeling Lead
  • Jason Losh (SAS) - Management Enablement Lead

For details on Project Lead responsibilities, see Eclipse Development Process Section 4.3 Management

Active Committers

Active Committers are listed on the Information about COSMOS page.

Other Contributors

  • Kishore Adivishnu (Computer Associates)
  • Qing (Tina) Cai (Computer Associates)
  • John (Jack) Devine (Computer Associates)
  • Domenica Gjelaj (Computer Associates)
  • Charlie Halloran (IBM)
  • Monica Lupu (Computer Associates)
  • Tania Makins (IBM)
  • Ramesh Pokala (Computer Associates)
  • Harm Sluiman (IBM)
  • Naveen Tirupattur (Computer Associates)
  • Yan Zhao (IBM)

For more details about committers and contributors, see Committer Due Diligence Guidelines.

Past committers on this and other Eclipse projects are listed here.


The following organizations have offered support for the COSMOS project:

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