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COSMOS Development Environment Setup i13

  1. Download Eclipse 3.4 SDK GA build
  2. Download TPTP GA Build, Platform and Testing Tools runtimes only, and unzip into Eclipse
  3. Download Manual Test Tools zip from the TPTP GA Build page above, and unzip into Eclipse. The TPTP Manual tests we are currently using for the SML UI, MDR Toolkit UI, and end-to-end tests will not work without this. You must use exactly the files circled in red, others do not work.
    1. SMLTPTPDownloads.png
  4. If you are using the MDR toolkit, e.g. for CMDB Federation (not needed for other work like SML or reporting)
    1. Download the Java EE Developer Tools from WTP 3.0 GA and unzip into Eclipse.
    2. Download EMF, EMF XSD Runtime, and GEF prerequisites from the WTP 3.0 GA page above, and unzip into Eclipse.
  5. Download SDK zip from the latest COSMOS build, and unzip into Eclipse.
  6. Start Eclipse.
  7. If you are using the MDR toolkit:
    1. Setup Axis2 support following these instructions.
  8. Define a CVS repository with the following parameters unless you are a committer.
    • Connection type: pserver
    • User: anonymous
    • Password: (Leave the password blank)
    • Host:
    • Repository path: /cvsroot/technology
  9. Load all projects from HEAD/org.eclipse.cosmos that you want to develop from the repository; e.g. SML development projects are listed here. All projects should be compiled successfully.

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