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COSMOS Documentation Plan

COSMOS Main Page

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Welcome to the COSMOS documentation planning Wiki page.


The purpose of this page is to provide information to develop the following documents to support the COSMOS GA.

  • Installation Guide
  • User's Guide
  • Development Guide to support the COSMOS GA.

Provided are references to COSMOS document planning, scheduling, document links and other resources to assist in development of the documents.

The development content for the documentation will be developed on the Wiki.

The User's Guide and Development Guide contents will be inputted into a DITA format using the Epic editor. DITA content requires the content to be developed as topic-based writing. See references below for more information on DITA. PDF files will be provided for future reviews and online helps created for final output.

COSMOS document planning references

Document links

Document outlines

The following templates shows the current planned layout for the User's Guide and Development Guide.

Document Guidelines and References

Use the following reference to learn about the Eclipse standards in writing, graphics and translations.

Other resources

The following resources are to assist you in developing documentation.

  • IBM Task Modeler is an Eclipse-based software tool for modeling human activity as a hierarchy of tasks and related elements. An information architect can use it to design DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) maps. A usability practitioner can produce either classic HTA (Hierarchical Task Analysis) diagrams or RAG (Roles and Goals) diagrams. The tool can be used in a workshop, during a field study, or at one's desk to rapidly create, explore, analyse, and share these models."

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