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How to add things to the Eclipse doc

Adding new plug-ins and dependencies

To add new plug-ins and plug-in dependencies, you need to make changes in several places in the org.eclipse.platform.doc.isv plug-in (which is located in the eclipse.platform.common Git repository):

  1. platformOptions.txt
    • the plug-in's source folder(s) must be included on the -sourcepath
      • remember to remove the plug-in from -classpath if it was already there
    • code of required plug-ins must be added on the -classpath (unless they are already on the -sourcepath)
      • non-JARed plug-ins: Path(s) to the JAR(s)
      • JARed plug-ins: <plugin>/@dot
      • plug-ins not built during the platform build: path to the built JAR
        Caveat: the JAR name typically contains a version:
        • Either remember to update the version in the reference whenever a new version is used
        • Or (since 3.8 incl. maintenance branches) replace the _<major>.<minor>.<service>.<qualifier> with _* if only one version of the JAR is present during the build.
    • the API package names must be included in the (alphabetical) package list at the end of the file
    • variables like ${eclipse.platform.resources.bundles} are resolved from cbi_basedirs.properties (and pde_basedirs.properties for the old PDE-based build)
  2. buildDoc.xml
    • If a plug-in contributes extension points, it should be added to the list of plug-ins in the <convertSchemaToHTML> task in the buildDoc.xml of the corresponding documentation plug-in.
  3. plugin.xml
    • If your plugin has Javadoc API, add a line to plugin.xml under the org.eclipse.pde.core.javadoc extension to associate your plug-in's Javadoc with the reference section for this doc plug-in.

Adding new API packages

  1. package.html
    • Create a package.html or package-info.java file for your API package, and place it in the package alongside the source code
  2. topics_Reference.xml
    • add a line for each API package
  3. reference/misc/overview-platform.html
    • add the API packages to the corresponding section
  4. platformOptions.txt
    • the API package names must be included in the (alphabetical) package list at the end of the file

Adding new extension points

  1. reference/extension-points/index.html
    • add a line for each extension point
  2. topics_Reference.xml
    • add a line for each extension point

Missing API docs

org.eclipse.ua.tests.doc has an ApiDocTest that can help you detect missing API docs. The output generated by the test can be found in the Console Output Log, e.g.: http://download.eclipse.org/eclipse/downloads/drops4/R-4.6.2-201611241400/testresults/ep46M-unit-mac64_macosx.cocoa.x86_64_8.0/org.eclipse.ua.tests.doc.AllTests.txt

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