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COSMOS Document Graphic Guidelines

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Graphic Guidelines

The following graphic guidelines was derived from the Eclipse Doc Style Guide

There are two types of graphics in the online help at present:

  • icons (which can be taken from the icon sets for the user interface)
  • screen captures

Icons are system-independent, so there are no reasons to give them class names or to be concerned about their file type.

On the other hand, screen captures are system-dependent, so it is important that different systems can display the appropriate screen captures. To do this, vendors need to be able to create a zip file of screen captures that the help system can display properly and automatically:

  • Screen captures must be .png files.
  • Image declarations must not specify image sizes.
  • Image declarations should have "alt" attributes (this is an accessibility feature).
  • Image declarations may have a <title> attribute.
  • Screen captures should be taken at the minimum supported resolution of 1152x864.
  • Images should be no more than 650 pixels wide.

The default setup for screen captures is:

  • Windows XP
  • Display Properties > Themes > Theme: Windows XP
  • Display Properties > Appearance > Windows and Buttons: Windows XP Style
  • Color Scheme: Default (blue)
  • Font Size: Normal
  • Display Properties > Appearance > Effects > Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts: Off (Not checked)

Screen captures should generally be PNG-8 (8 bit color) to keep image sizes small. If a particular screen shot uses enough color to warrant additional color depth, use PNG-24. Use your judgement. Start with PNG-8, and if it looks bad then use PNG-24 instead.

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