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BPS Historical (BIRT)

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Introduction The following links point to older BPS documents that have been implemented in the product. Maintain these links for history.

Completed Projects

  • BPS1: Crosstab Report Item
  • BPS2: Multi-pass Aggregate, Sorting and Filtering
  • BPS3: Enable binding Binary/Clob data to report controls
  • BPS4: BIRT Java Script Objects
  • BPS5: Interactive Report Viewer
  • BPS6: Report Engine Scalability and Performance
  • BPS7: Data Engine Scalability and Performance
  • BPS8: Report Document
  • BPS9: Report Template
  • BPS10: BIRT Library
  • BPS11: BIRT Style and CSS Style Sheet
  • BPS12: Code Editor for BIRT Scripting
  • BPS13: Ad Hoc Parameters
  • BPS14: Dynamic Parameter Selection List
  • BPS15: Chart Builder and Wizard
  • BPS16: Property Editor for Chart Report Item
  • BPS17: Chart Components
  • BPS18: Chart Scripting
  • BPS19: Report Paging
  • BPS20: Expression Builder
  • BPS21: Report PDF Emitter
  • BPS22: Page-on-Demand Report Viewing
  • BPS23: XML Data Sources
  • BPS24: Dataset Output Parameters
  • BPS25: Visual SQL Query Builder
  • BPS26: SQL Editor
  • BPS27: BIRT Deployment
  • BPS28: Report Layout Manager
  • BPS29: Report Object Model API
  • BPS30: ODA Framework Migration to DTP
  • BPS31: ODA Runtime Driver Creation Wizard
  • BPS32: Export Report Data
  • BPS33: Searching in a Report
  • BPS34: Reportlet
  • BPS35: Pass-through of External Context Objects to ODA Data Providers
  • BPS36: Chart Model
  • BPS37: Chart Interactivity
  • BPS38: Chart Types
  • BPS39: Chart Engine API
  • BPS40: ODA Data Source Binding to BIRT Report
  • BPS41: Report Word Emitter
  • BPS42: Chart Examples
  • BPS43: Chart Web Components
  • BPS50: Web Services Data Source
  • BPS59: Extensible BIRT Views
  • BPS60: Extensible Property Editor Framework
  • BPS64: Improve XML Source Editor
  • BPS66: Chart Simple API
  • BPS78: New Look&Feel of Property Editor page
  • BPS79: Sample Reports View
  • BPS80: Result Set Sharing
  • BPS101: BIRT Script Function Extension Point

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