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BIRT Library

This project aims to provide support a resuable library of report items and objects.




Proposed July 20, 2005

Completed in BIRT 2.0 M3

Specification Lead

Wenbin He, Rima Kanguri

Expert Group

Wenfeng Li, Paul Clenahan


Libraries contain report components or functions for reuse in multiple report designs. A library developer creates a library, then places it in a shared location for others to use.

Libraries improve developer productivity by providing a mechanism to easily reuse components of a report in multiple places. They also promote consisteny by ensuring the all reports for a given application are using the same, for example, business logic to calculate a particular value.

Libaries also improve maintainability of reports by enabling centralized updates of reports via an update to a single shared library that then affects all reports using that library.

BIRT will provide library support for as many components of a report as possible -- allowing items like data connections, datasets, visual components, code snippets, styles, etc. to be published to a library for use by other report developers. This includes simple components and compound compounds such as a page header with logo, address, etc.

Library support must also include effective tools for accessing, managing and sharing libraries across a report development team.

Capability List

  • Create reusable report elements like datasets, datasources, styles, visual report items in a library
  • Use library report elements in a report design
  • Export the report design to a library

Specification Document(s)

Related Bugzilla Entries

102466 - Provide library support as documented in the specification

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