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BIRT Style and CSS Style Sheet

This project aims to improve management and reuse of style sheets within BIRT.




Proposed July 20, 2005

Completed in BIRT 2.0

Specification Lead

Rima Kanguri

Expert Group

Wenbin He, Wenfeng Li


External Style Sheets for Use Across Multiple Report Designs Style sheets provide an easy to use and productive mechanism to establish uniform style across documents. This is a concept that many users are familiar with from products such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft `PowerPoint and HTML that all use the idea of a style sheet (though each product uses a slightly different term for this concept). Styles can be used for:

  • Defining the format of multiple items will have the same non-default format.
  • To change the default format applied to all items.
  • To standardize the look of items across a set of related documents, web pages etc.

BIRT 1.0 provides support for styles within a single report design. This allows common styles to be easily applied to multiple items within a report design.

The concept of styles now needs to be extended to allow the definition of a style to be contained in a seperate style sheet file that can be shared across multiple reports. This will make it easy to establish a common look across all the reports in an application, and if needed, to be able to quickly change the look across many reports just by editing the style sheet.

Capability List

  • Ability to import CSS into a report design.
  • Ability to import CSS into a library.
  • Ability to share External Styles Sheet (ROM Styles) across multiple report designs. This feature will be supported as part of Library feature. Please refer to Birt Library Feature (BPS 10) for more details.
  • Ability to create themes, which are group of styles.

!!Specification Document(s)

!!Related Bugzilla Entries 110746, 110664

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