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Architecture Council/Meetings/March 25 2012 StAC

StAC Meeting, EclipseCon 2012


  • Wayne Beaton, Igor Fedorenko, David Williams, Doug Schaefer, Andrew Overholt, Gunnar Wagenknecht, ?, ?, Tom Watson, John Arthorne, Christian Campo, Steffen Pingel,
  • Tom Schindl, Achim Lörke, David Carver, Neil Hauge, Adrian Mos, Cedric Brun, Kenn Hussey


  • Does StAC still exist ?
    • Had been a construct by Foundation to get input - but Don is gone, and the Requirements Council is too
    • StAC is not mentioned in the Bylaws
  • Wayne: Progress turning off CVS
    • Progressing as well as it could
  • Steffen: Will Gerrit be available for all committers ?
    • Wayne: Working with Janet on Legal - committers have to answer 3 questions

New Project Mgmt Infrastructre

  • Wayne: New Project Mgmt Infrastructure
    • Replacement for Portal, which spreads out information over 10 databases
      • consolidating now in a single consistent UI while reducing code base, using Drupal
      • XML project descriptions
      • Project Proposals, Creations - all from a single interface
    • Tuesday Night 7pm BoF - Nathan working on a Tech Preview for everybody to play with
      • Intent to make open - go live post-Juno
      • John: Will Foundation use Drupal more actively ?
      • Couple services using Drupal today, maybe more ... but hard ramping up on Drupal (lack of docs) though implementation is good
      • Replace Project Web Pages (CVS today) with Drupal ?
    • Intent to get projects out of the "web page creation" business where possible ... the default generated page should be good enough
      • Eg use "Release Record" more actively, eg attach screenshots to a Release ... plus Videos, Blog, Downloads
    • John Reduce the incremental cost of cutting a release
      • Important for frequent releases, important in order to draw projects towards
      • What is important about a Release? - Wayne doesn't want to be the bottleneck
        • Communication (today: Release Review; but adopters making decisions based on that are a bit late!)
        • IP Log check
        • Checklist / Dashboard to sign-off (self-service) on necessary steps with a Release
        • Eventually make the Release Review slideware go away
        • Hook up the "Plan" with the "Release" - some textual description of content
        • Unified, consistent messaging across projects

Review of AC Action Items

  • bug 315210 Make the AC Mailing List more open
    • Consensus: Yes - technically, membership is generated but could convert into moderated list
    • AI Martin ask Denis
  • bug 337004 Security Policy
    • Wayne: Policy Done
    • Mailing List exists - should be in place and populated now
    • Bugzilla supports "security keyword" - Wayne walks through all "committers only" bugs every other week and asks whether disclosing is possible
      • Wayne believes everything should be disclosed eventually
    • AI Wayne take the word "Draft" off it, but where to link from ?
  • bug 288393 Bugzilla Best Practices
    • Triage / Status on Bugs
    • Dave Williams: New "unconfirmed" checkbox may be easier to use than "triaged" inbox
    • Andrew "needinfo" flag used at Fedora

Status of Juno

  • Status of Juno
    • Things going fairly well ... but according to reports, there's still projects with missing about.html etc
    • Papyrus project goal to allow project coming back - IP team needs review, project to mark CQ as "needed for Juno"
    • Steffen: Convert reports into "per project" ?
      • Would be helpful, but pretty hard to do ... another option would be running the reports as part of project's builds
      • Tycho plugin? Google Summer of idea to automate stuff ?
      • David: The app should work as a standalone app to work against any repo already ... just docs missing at the moment
      • Kenn: Roll into Foundation Common Build Infrastructure (they have a releng now!)
        • Add to CBI list of Requirements
  • Development Process
    • Wayne wants to rev the dev process like every 2 years - asking for input from the AC

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