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LTS/March28 2012


Meeting @ EclipseCon

Time and Location

Wednesday March 28, 14:00 to 16:00 Eastern. This session took place in Reston Suites A.


There is a closely related meeting regarding the CBI initiative taking place in the morning.


  • Quick row call
  • LTS program overview/introduction
  • Status updates infrastructure, CBI build of Eclipse platform, project LTS-readiness
  • Next steps to formal launch of LTS IWG, next meeting date/time


The following people attended:

  • Mike Milinkovich, Andrew Ross - Eclipse Foundation
  • Karsten Schmidt, Jutta Bindewald, Thomas Rastetter - SAP
  • Andrew Overholt, Alexander Kurtakov - Red Hat
  • Denny Chitwood - Siemens
  • Max Spring - Cisco
  • Pat Huff, John Arthorne, David Williams - IBM
  • Ian Bull - EclipseSource
  • Etienne Juliot - Obeo
  • Eric Clayberg - Google (in part due to speaking conflict)

Regrets sent:

  • Doug Clarke, Greg Stachnick - Oracle
  • David Talbird - Fannie Mae
  • Max Rydahl Andersen, Mickael Istria - Red Hat


  • David Mittman - NASA/JPL
  • Leo Treggiari - Intel
  • Joe Green - MontaVista
  • Martin Oberhuber - WindRiver

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