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ATF old

This Wiki page is about the Ajax Toolkit Framework project, version up to 0.2.3, that worked together with WTP 2.0 For most recent ATF developments please see page ATF. The information contained and referred here might be outdated.


Ajax Toolkit Framework Use

Running JavaScript in debug mode

ATF Design

Building JSDT on WTP 2.0 for the next ATF milestone

MACOSX AllInOne build

ATF's plan's for handling deleted plugins

How to update the site for a new build


ATF up to version 0.2.3 required WTP 2.0. Since that time, one of ATF parts - JSDT has graduated to become part of the WTP Project under its general "Source Editing" subproject. Where JSDT development resides will make little difference to users of ATF, since ATF has always been dependent on WTP.

Starting with version 0.3 ATF is being updated to work with WTP 3.1.

Developer resources

Create a working workspace to work on sources

Building the project from sources - out of date

Proposed new Mozilla integration - out of date

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