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The eclipse plugin/feature system doesn't handle deleted plugins. When a new version of ATF is installed on top of old version and plugins have been deleted, the old deleted plugins are still active. This has caused problems with ATF milestones. When ATF deleted the personality plugins, users who installed the new version of ATF over the previous versions found the old personality plugins were still active. This caused menu items to should up that would work or in some cases caused crashes.

In the next release of ATF/JSDT the following plugins are no longer used.

  • org.eclipse.atf.javascript.jslint - no longer used. Replaced by JSDT
  • org.eclipse.atf.javascript.validator - no longer used. Replaced by JSDT
  • org.eclipse.wst.jsdt.atfdebug - code moved to org.eclipse.atf.compatibility.jsdt

In the next milestone (Milestone 5) the plugins will not be deleted. The plugin.xml files for the plugins will be emptied out causing them to be deactivated. When a user installs M5 over a M4 install, the old plugins will be written over with the deactivate plugins.

After the M5 milestone the plugins will be delete. There is no plans to support more than n-1 installs of a new version of a previous version.

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