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This wiki entry describes how to upload add a build to the Web Site.

Uploading build

These instructions need to be filled in. I used to sftp the and up loaded the file, but I'm unable to log into I will need to find out if the instructions have changed. I remember some note about turning off shell access which I didn't understand.

Updating the site.

  • Using CVS create a connection to
  • Under www directory extract the ATF directory which contains the files for the Web Site.
  • The files for the download pages are in directory "downloads."

There are a lot of files in the download directory which can be removed as old builds are deleted. I will described the files that are used for milestone build M4 and later. Once the builds older the M4 are deleted, the other files in the directory can be removed.

  • Index.php is the main file for download page and the php files that create the download page are in directory downloadSite, The newsworthy page we use for M4 is in directory new_newsworthy.0.2.3M3. We used the same information for milestone 4. Let me summarize below.
    • index.php - is the main pages that runs first to build the download site.
    • directory downloadSite - contains the php files that create the download page for the build.
    • directory new_newsworthy.0.2.3M3 - contains the files for the newsworthy page used for M4 and M3.

Lets look at more detail on index.php and files in directory downloadSite


The main page is broken into three main sections.

  • Latest Downloads
  • Milestone Builds
  • Weekly Builds

To add a build to one of the section, add an entry like the following (it varies slightly for each section, so start with one in that section.

    <td width="40%">
	<p>0.2.3M4 Milestone Build with New Packaging Options<a href="../new_newsworthy.0.2.3M3/atf-news.html"> [What's New]</a></p> 
    <td width="30%">
	<a href="downloadSite/index_build.php?buildID=0.2.3M4-v200709141050">atf-incubation-0.2.3M4-v200709141050</a>
    <td width="30%">
	<p>Friday Sept. 14 2007 </p>

The main items to notice in the above entry are

  • downloadSite/index_build.php is the php file used to build the download page for the build. It contains the base php variables used to build the download page. Things like the URL for the WTP prerequisites, etc.
  • buildID is the build id for the build. Generally this should be the only value that needs to change. The PHP files should build the page from the build id.

Directory downloadSite'

Lets look at the files in directory downloadSite.

  • index_build.php - as stated before is the php file that builds the download page. It contains the base php variables used to build the download page. Things like the URL for the WTP prerequisites.
  • _installation_build.0.2.3.php - is loaded by the index_build.php and loads all the php files used to build the different section of the page.
  • Directory section_files contains the php files that build the different sections
    • build_information_section.php
    • download_section.php
    • final_steps.php
    • important_section.php
    • prerequisites_section.php

You can change these files to change the information in each sections

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