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WTP 2018-06-21

WTP Development Status Meeting

Remember, any committer can add an agenda item. Typically, short announcements or news items go in the "Announcements" section at the beginning. Longer items or issues requiring discussion should go in the "Other business" section at end.

To join the call:

>> https://eclipse.zoom.us/j/6300031838 <<

Announcements And Special Reports

WTP Calendar

WTP Calendar Sync this calendar to your mobile device

For overall Photon dates, see the Simultaneous Release Calendar

Next meeting: July 5, 2018.

Main Agenda Items

  • New_Help_for_Old_Friends_X migration guide needs some updates from:
    • wsdl2j update? (Keith)
    • BREE changes in Source Editing (Nitin), taking longer with complications from the repository re-org, expected Saturday
    • others?
  • Tag Repositories for the release
    • Releng repos, too [Nick: On what date should this be done?]
    • Suggested tag name: R3_10 or R3_10_0, project lead's choice (see below) [Nick: Could we move to 3.10 tag and 3.10.x branch, so these values align with BZ versions?]
    • R3_10_maintenance branches may be created, although we expect not to use them (see below) [Nick: Could we use 3.10.x?]
  • New and Noteworthy
    • Send Nitin screenshots and verbage for 3.10's new features. JAX-RS 2.1, advanced source lookup, and Java EE API JavaDoc should be advertised!
  • Releng Lead Nick does not have commit rights to Web Services and Source Editing. Project leads can log into the Portal, select the [view] link for your project, and nominate him after making sure you can find at least 2 other people to vote, or the election will fail. :D

WTP 3.10: Photon

  • Release pages will be streamlined more in keeping with 3.9.5's.
    • New and Noteworthy will be worked into the release page itself, although we might reconsider creating pages per-milestone.
  • It is time to triage any open bugs still targeted for 3.10 to a future release like 3.11.

3.10 Schedule

6/11 3.10 RC4 build RC4 build
6/15 Photon RC4
6/27 3.10 and Photon GA

Reminder 1: PMC approvals are needed for bugfixes in RCx releases.

Reminder 2: If applicable, please add a section to the New Help for Old Friends page.

WTP 3.11: Eclipse SimRel 2018.09

  • We're going to 11!
  • After a year of quarterly service releases that allowed for API additions, the Planning Council is switching the simultaneous release to quarterly "minor" releases, and WTP is going with them, barring any reasoned objections. FAQ
    • API additions can happen in each release
    • API deprecation to removal timeframe will remain 2 calendar years
    • The "simrel" update site URL will remain the same going foward
      • Should we establish an unchanging milestones site URL?
    • It's incumbent on projects to test and make sure their contributions to the simrel repository work.
    • Shortened release intervals and fewer RCs mean higher scrutiny on late changes
  • Bugzilla naming suggestion: Put the simrel into the Version that's reported against, keep the Target Milestone simple as before (3.11, 3.11 M1, etc.) so that bug queries don't get too complicated.

Tentative schedule is for 13 weeks, 4 cycles per year:

  • one week decompress and plan
  • (3) three week milestones
  • one week RC1
  • one week RC2
  • one week quiet and release
    • [Nick] suggest we do one meeting every 3 weeks (one per sprint / milestone) scheduled for 1 week before the +0 release day.
    • M1 candidate on 7/13, devel meeting on 7/05
    • M2 candidate on 8/03, devel meeting on 7/26
    • M3 candidate on 8/24, devel meeting on 8/16
    • RC candidate on 9/14, devel meeting on 9/06

3.11 Schedule

7/13 M1 build candidate
7/17 M1 declare
7/20 SimRel 2018.09 M1
8/03 M2 build candidate
8/07 M2 declare
8/10 SimRel 2018.09 M2
8/24 M3 build candidate
8/28 M3 declare
8/31 SimRel 2018.09 M3
8/31 RC1 build candidate, all changes need project lead approval
9/04 RC1 declare
9/07 SimRel 2018.09 RC1
9/07 RC2 build candidate, all changes need PMC +1 approval
9/11 RC2 declare
9/14 SimRel 2018.09 RC2
9/18 3.11 quiet release
9/19 SimRel 2018.09 GA

3.11 Builds

3.11 Releng


After Photon is live:

  • Tag projects for 3.10; create maintenance branches
  • Update wtp.releng.* projects for 3.11 builds; set new baseline in parent pom
  • Rename jobs from _R310 suffix to _master since we probably won't need to do maintenance builds for 3.10.x with a new milestone every 3 weeks and a new .Final every quarter.

In Progress


(Not) In Progress

Bug and Feature Highlights

Focus on Quality

Blockers, Hot-Bugs, Hot-Features

Project status section

  • Each project may choose to post information about:
    • What have you been working on?
    • What are you working on for our next meeting?

Other business - Long term tracking items


Release Process & Releng Stuff

Category Links
Repos &

Gerrit requests

Tests Results &

Compilation Warnings

Release Docs
Policy Docs
  1. Hotbug Policy
  2. Hotfeature Policy

Project links

Project Status Browse Git p2 Repo Tests Pending Changes Gerrit Builds Clone
common green git gitiles lastSuccessfulBuild 232 tests gerrit master git clone ssh://${GITUSER}@git.eclipse.org:29418/webtools-common/webtools.common.git
Project Status Browse Git p2 Repo Tests Pending Changes Gerrit Builds Clone
servertools green git gitiles lastSuccessfulBuild 235 unit tests, 421 integration tests gerrit master git clone ssh://${GITUSER}@git.eclipse.org:29418/servertools/webtools.servertools.git
Project Status Browse Git p2 Repo Tests Pending Changes Gerrit Builds Clone
jsdt green git gitiles lastSuccessfulBuild 1467 (3 skip) tests gerrit master git clone ssh://${GITUSER}@git.eclipse.org:29418/jsdt/webtools.jsdt.git
Project Status Browse Git p2 Repo Tests Pending Changes Gerrit Builds Clone
sourceediting green git gitiles lastSuccessfulBuild 10,891 (2 skip) tests gerrit master git clone ssh://${GITUSER}@git.eclipse.org:29418/sourceediting/webtools.sourceediting.git
Project Status Browse Git p2 Repo Tests Pending Changes Gerrit Builds Clone
javaee green git gitiles lastSuccessfulBuild 585 (2 skip) (was 1,448 total) tests gerrit master git clone ssh://${GITUSER}@git.eclipse.org:29418/jeetools/webtools.javaee.git
Project Status Browse Git p2 Repo Tests Pending Changes Gerrit Builds Clone
dali green git gitiles lastSuccessfulBuild 4,705 tests gerrit master git clone ssh://${GITUSER}@git.eclipse.org:29418/dali/webtools.dali.git
Project Status Browse Git p2 Repo Tests Pending Changes Gerrit Builds Clone
jsf green git gitiles lastSuccessfulBuild 675 tests gerrit master git clone ssh://${GITUSER}@git.eclipse.org:29418/jsf/webtools.jsf.git
Project Status Browse Git p2 Repo Tests Pending Changes Gerrit Builds Clone
webservices green git gitiles lastSuccessfulBuild 570 (was 664) tests gerrit master git clone ssh://${GITUSER}@git.eclipse.org:29418/webservices/webtools.webservices.git

More Links

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