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Planning Council/May 2 2018


Pay attention time has changed, the meeting is one hour earlier than before

Meeting Title: Planning Council Conference Call
Date & Time: Wednesday, May 2, 2018, at 11:00 EDT
Dial in: Topic: Planning Council Meeting

Time: this is a recurring meeting Meet anytime

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   Meeting ID: 928 841 320
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Planning Council Chair: Melanie Bats

Eclipse Foundation

  • Wayne Beaton
  • Frederic Gurr
  • Mikael Barbero

Strategic Members

  • CA Technologies
  • Ericsson AB (Marc-Andre Laperle)
  • IBM (Thomas Watson)
  • itemis AG (Alexander Nyssen)
  • Obeo (Melanie Bats)
  • Oracle (Neil Hauge)
  • Red Hat, Inc. (Nick Boldt)
  • Robert Bosch GmbH
  • SAP SE (Stephan Merker)

PMC Representatives

  • Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) PMC (Gary Xue)
  • Data Tools Platform PMC (Brian Payton)
  • Eclipse Cloud Development PMC (Martin Lippert)
  • Eclipse Project PMC (Dani Megert)
  • IoT
  • LocationTech Technology
  • Eclipse Modeling Project PMC (Ed Merks)
  • Mylyn (Application Lifecycle Tools) PMC (Sam Davis)
  • PolarSys
  • Eclipse Runtime Project (RT) PMC
  • Eclipse Science
  • Service Oriented Architecture PMC (Adrian Mos)
  • Technology PMC (Chris Aniszczyk)
  • Tools Project PMC (Aleksandar Kurtakov)
  • Eclipse Web Tools Platform Project (WTP) PMC (Carl Anderson)

Previous meeting minutes

  • Review previous meeting minutes if you'd like. That is, review them before the meeting, but if questions or issues with previous minutes, this would be a good time to bring them up.


  • Photon & Oxygen status
  • Post Photon SimRel status


Aleksandar Kurtakov, Dani Megert, Mikael Barbero, Sam Davis, Ed Merks, Thomas Watson, Nick Boldt, Wayne Beaton, Martin Lippert

Regrets : Frederic Gurr


Everyone aggreed with the fact that the monthly Planning Council call will occur now every month the first wednesday at 11:00 EDT.

Photon status

Amalgam on cross project proposes today to contribute a 1.8.0 instead of 2.0.0, Wayne will answer and update the Photon page accordingly.

Fred could not attend the call so there is no much status, but Mikaël will check tomorrow with him & report back to the mailing list. Everything seems to be in good shape.

Post photon status

During last call,discussing the bugzilla #532220 the Planning Council concluded that the naming must be inclusive enough. It was decided to use the following pattern for the name : Eclipse YYYY-MM. Wayne explained that this decision violates the trademark usage guidelines. It is impossible to just use names like "Eclipse YYYY-MM". "Eclipse" needs to be used as an adjective to conform to the guidelines.

Discussing the name leads us to discuss the role of the Palnning Council in the future and the existence of only one Simultaneous Release. It already exists 3 differents simultaenaous release today :

  • The classical SimRel
  • The Science woring group SimRel
  • The Polarsys SimRel

The Science and Polarsys ones are not as visible today as the classical one which leads most of people thinking that it exist only one.

In private previously to the call Wayne & Mélanie discussed the fact that they would like to revitalize the Planning Council. Wayne explained during the call that he will launch an initiative to integrate new members & generalize the Simultaneous Release Process. These new members would be from different parts of the Eclipse community : Science, IoT, JakartaEE... Wayne explained that there is some notion of SimRel (software repos, regular milestones, RCS, communication...) that other could be interested in, and today we know how to do it. The purpose would be to generalize some aspects of the simultaneous release by creating something like an "Eclipse Simutlaneous Release Process". Eclipse SimRel docs exists for years, needs to be reviewed as some part are very specific relative to p2 but it is a good starting point.

Tom noted that the role of the planning council would be a mentoring role for the different committees.

Wayne answered that we need to figure out what that looks like :

  • The planning council meets as whole less frequently (quarterly) with the role to lead the process & supervise the different committees?
  • Separate committees which meet more frequently (monthly) to organize their SimRels (schedule, reject/remove projects, participate on communication on cross-project...)?

A subset of actual Planning Council members would participate in the different instances.

After this clarification about the future of the SimRel, the discussion about the naming started : Ed asked where this name appears? Where is it relevant ?

  • In all communication
  • Plans
  • URLs
  • Splash screen (it should not a date would be enough

In the end it exists few places where this name should appear and propose to call it SimRel.

Dani answered that it feels as SimRel is a stupid name and that we should just keep the date without Eclipse, it would be inclusive or exclude everybody. SimRel is a notion used internally for work coordination but not a end-user notion. It should appear in no UI, nor spalschscreens, just on wikipage and emails, just use the date on splash screens.

Ed noted that the name would be used for the wikipage and so just a date would not be sufficient and so that we need a label.

As the Simrel would become X SimRel we should find a more descriptive name which describe for each what they are.

IDE or Developper tools, IDE SimRel were proposed. But the reality of the community is that it exists 4 different IDEs : the original one, Che, Orion, Theia... We should find a new name for the classical IDE part : Desktop (some other IDEs are also desktop ones), Eclipse S...

In the end, as it is impossible to find a good descriptive name for the actual SimRel, it was decided to call it : Eclipse SimRel YYYY-MM. This will not appear anywhere, just used for work collaboration and so pages on the wiki the pages would be under SimRel/. Everyone were okay with this name and the fact that this would be rediscussed in the future when the different committees & SimRels would be created.

Mélanie started to put the dates for the September release in the Google Calendar, the Planning Council will validate those dates. The proposed schedule is : Eclipse 2018.09

+0 Frid. +1 Mon. +2 Tues. +3 Wed. EPP Thur. Available Fri.
M1 13/07 16/07 17/07 18/07 19/07 20/07
M2 03/08 06/08 07/08 08/08 09/08 10/08
M3 24/08 27/08 28/08 29/08 30/08 31/8
RC1 31/08 03/09 04/09 05/09 06/09 07/09
RC2 07/09 10/09 11/09 12/09 13/09 14/09
2018.09 (“GA”) quiet: 14/09 quiet: 17/09 quiet: 18/09 GA : 19/09 - -
- -

Wayne will work on getting a better engagement from other part of the community by bringing fresh blood from new Strategic members and PMCs. He will also add a comment on the Photon N&N bugzilla to communicate the cadence change after Photon. He will create a new one to get the actual implication of this change for the community.

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