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WTP Release Tasks

For each WTP release, there are a few bookkeeping tasks unrelated to planning, development, and building, that also need tending to.

They should be recorded here so they're not forgotten. This is intended as a living document.

Tasks for Major and Minor Releases

  • The release should be tagged in all non-releng repositories.
  • Maintenance branch may created for future adopter patch builds. Main development will continue in master for the next quarterly simultaneous release.
  • A New Help for Old Friends page created, if required

Tasks for All Releases (including Service Releases)

  • Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers: Chuck (Java EE Smoke and also manual checks to general layout, preferences etc for changes from integrated features like m2e, oomph etc..)
  •,, Site Updates:
  • Update releng files w/ new versions/dependencies:

Project Lead Tasks

Each project lead or a designated Committer should perform these tasks for every release.

  • Repositories tagged for the release
  • Bugs triaged/retargeted out of the release
  • Babel repo/branch set/updated for release
  • Version value created in Bugzilla

Tagging script

1. Check out the webtools.releng.aggregator project & make sure you're up to date in all the submodules. Commit any updates.

2. Check out all the projects listed below, then:

 for d in */; do echo $d; cd $d; git pull origin master; git tag ${TAG}; git push origin ${TAG}; cd ..; echo; done

Projects to tag include:


Not specific to WTP

  • Remind Nitin to update the IRC channel topic to reflect the new release
  • Make sure Eclipse/Installation reflects the current/new Eclipse Project release
  • Make sure SimRel points to the current or next release

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