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ModelingPlatform/November 5, Face to Face

Modeling Platform Meeting

November 5, 2010

Face to Face Meeting

Ludwigsburg Germany


  1. Yves Bontemps, SWIFT
  2. Marc Delbaere, SWIFT
  3. Robert Blust, UBS
  4. Christian Meier, UBS
  5. Ed Merks, Modeling PMC
  6. Stephan Eberle, Geensys and Sphynix
  7. Dominique Toupin, Ericsson
  8. Mariot Chauvin, Obeo
  9. Thomas Skoldqvist, Ercissson
  10. Sabri Skhiri, Euranova
  11. Christophe Gregoire, Alcatel-Lucent
  12. Oliver Moses
  13. Eike Stepper, CDO project
  14. Martin Flugge, CDO project
  15. Martin Mandischer, itemis
  16. Ian Skerrett, Eclipse Foundation

Agenda Items

1. Review Project Plan Proposal

Stephan Eberle and Martin Mandischer reviewed provided a detail review of the project plan. The purpose as for everyone to understand the intent and scope of the 2011 plan. There were a number of questions and discussions regarding individual points. At the end of the review everyone had a better appreciation for the plan.


detailed plan

2. Discuss Formation of Industry Working Group

Ian Skerrett presented a proposal to formally create the Eclipse Industry Working Group for the Modeling Platform.


Action Items

1. All end user companies will attempt to have a decision on their next steps before Christmas (December 15). A formal commitment is not expected but some type of indication on the level of resources they will be able to commit to a working group in 2011.

2. A draft charter of the working group will be distributed by Ian Skerrett. The goal is to create the working group before the end of 2010. All participants will need to be members of the Eclipse Foundation.

3. Ian Skerrett will create a presentation that can be used to introduce the modeling platform to new potential participants.

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