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LTS/March29 2012


Meeting @ EclipseCon

Time and Location

Tuesday March 29, 10:30 to 11:30 Eastern. Mike's suite.


  • Discuss LTS, Polarsys relationship and business models as further thinking from March 27, 2012 meeting.


The following people attended:

  • Mike Milinkovich, Andrew Ross, Ralph Mueller - Eclipse Foundation
  • Jochen Krause - Innopract/EclipseSource


NOTE: This is a wiki, if something is missing, incorrect, or not clear, please adjust as needed.

LTS Chair

Jochen Krause has offered to be the initial LTS chair.


Mike suggested a simpler variation on the idea proposed by the team in Tuesday's meeting. This is to have a single IWG agreement with an appendix listing the choice of IWG's and their fees. This would allow 1 agreement to cover multiple IWG's thus avoiding the need to pay twice.

In the future, IWG's with LTS built in could adjust fees to break out the LTS portion. e.g. Polarsys, though not urgent to do so immediately.

Strategic Members

Discussed Strategic members. Proposed:

  • Strategic members paying $250K will get LTS Steering committee for no added charge.
  • Strategic members paying $100K or more will get LTS Premium committee for no added charge.


Discussed timeline. Proposed:

April: Charter & Agreement done. Announced (30 day clock to approval starts)

May: Charter approved, first meeting, IWG is formally launched

Note: Project LTS-readiness will lag the formal launch of the LTS IWG. Many projects are not considering migration to git, and other crucial LTS readiness requirements until after Juno SR0. Should a company need to, they could certainly work/contract/influence to help make projects LTS-ready sooner.

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