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LTS/March27 2012


Meeting @ EclipseCon

Time and Location

Tuesday March 27, 12:00 to 15:00 Eastern. Mixed locations.


  • Discuss LTS, Polarsys relationship and business models


The following people plan to attend:

  • Mike Milinkovich, Eclipse Foundation (in part)
  • Andrew Ross, Ralph Mueller - Eclipse Foundation
  • Karsten Schmidt, Jutta Bindewald, Thomas Rastetter - SAP
  • Gael Blondelle, Obeo
  • Pierre Gaufillet, Airbus


NOTE: This is a wiki, if something is missing, incorrect, or not clear, please adjust as needed.

Please see an update from the minutes for the meeting on March 29, 2012.

We started discussing the relationship between Polarsys and LTS.

Our thinking was to have Polarsys SC members automatically receive LTS participating. This would *not* provide forge access. We flirted with Polarsys SC getting Premium LTS.

Refreshing memories, LTS has 3 levels:

  1. SC: all-access to forge & build farm, budget & governance control, change control committee
  2. Premium: all access to forge and build farm
  3. Participating: binaries only

We had three main concerns:

  1. High complexity & ample opportunity for confusion.
  2. Potential for one IWG providing the same services for cheaper than the other. (we noticed this was already so)
  3. We need this to scale smoothly to many IWGs. Service providers potentially stuck paying twice, or further increasing complexity to avoid just seemed like a bad idea.

We discussed a few ways around this, the idea that the team felt positive about was:

Like usual:

  1. Organizations are members of Eclipse
  2. IWG SC's can invite organizations to participate in their IWG without additional fees. e.g. a service provider, Universities, non-profits, etc.
  3. Organizations needing/desiring influence satisfy the conditons for IWG SC, which may involve additional fees.


  1. Organizations needing forge, build farm, and other such services pay for LTS in addition to membership dues. LTS becomes the central hub for shared services and infrastructure for all IWGs. We may consider a different name to reflect this. This is the natural entry point for service providers as they can provide support/maintenance/other services for all IWGs and the broader ecosystem.

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