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LTS/July30 2012


This meeting is for the Long Term Support Industry Working group at Eclipse.

Time and Location

June 30th, 2012 at 0900 EDT

See the conference bridge details


The following people are planning to attend:


  • Pat Huff - IBM (co-chair)
  • Jochen Krause - EclipseSource/Innopract (co-chair)
  • Karsten Schmidt, Thomas Rastetter, Jutta Bindewald - SAP
  • Kurt Thys - CA Technologies
  • Andrew Ross - Eclipse Foundation
  • Krzysztof Daniel - Red Hat


  • Paul Lipton, Kurt Thys - CA Technologies

Regrets sent

  • Mike Milinkovich, Ralph Mueller - Eclipse Foundation



  • Paul, Jochen, Pat, Dennis/Xavier - Participation agreements (open from June 29th meeting)
  • Ralph: Case studies (open from June 29th meeting)


  • All: Please do have a representative from your company get involved in CBI & LTS testing.
  • Pat & Jochen will set a date for the Steering committee meeting in September.


  • CBI update & any questions arising from July 25th meeting. - Andrew Ross
    • Karsten: Is the platform strictly necessary to get started? - Consensus was yes for operations, but we could get started in terms of testing.
  • Karsten: Who has signed so far?
    • Each representative shared their status: SAP == Signed, CA Technologies == Signed, IBM == Coming any day, Inoopract == Coming any day, Oracle == Coming any day
    • Bosch has provided a P.O. to invoice against for LTS.
    • A company to be named has offered to donate significant money to support CBI & LTS. (More on this soon)
    • Red Hat has no plans to sign as an LTS member but has contributed heavily via. code contributions to the CBI efforts.
    • Andrew shared there is an additional handful of organizations lining up. Also, from the EMO's perspective, the strong handful we have is enough to get started. Agree with the team that September is a much better time to formally launch & PR.
  • Karsten: Which projects are LTS ready
  • Karsten: When can we get started with the infrastructure
    • Andrew: Juno SR2 - Feb. 22, 2013 is the planned go-live date. We'd welcome testers any time. cbi-dev is perhaps the best list for them to join and reach out on.
  • Andrew shared that similar to Polarsys, LocationTech (Strategic) members receive LTS premium at no additional charge. A handful of additional companies will likely participate based on this.

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