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LTS/June29 2012


This meeting is for the Long Term Support Industry Working group at Eclipse.

Time and Location

June 29th, 2012 at 0930 EDT

See the conference bridge details


The following people attended:

  • Pat Huff - IBM (co-chair)
  • Jochen Krause - EclipseSource/Innopract (co-chair)
  • Karsten Schmidt, Thomas Rastetter - SAP
  • Paul Lipton, Kurt Thys - CA Technologies
  • Andrew Ross, Ralph Mueller - Eclipse Foundation
  • Jesse McConnell, Jetty Project


Experienced a bit of delay/audio synchronization issues for Andrew who was connected via. SIP. Switched to telecom dial in and it was better. Andrew & Denis investigating. Sorry about that everyone.

Quick updates

  • Update on charter approval, IWG agreement, and other process items

CBI Update

  • Platform build update
    • 11 minutes and just 3 commands to build the Eclipse platform on any system with git, Java JDK, and Maven. It is hard to overstate what a big step forward this is in terms of ease of use and flexibility. It is also a very important foundation for future capabilities that benefit community and LTS.
  • Signing service
    • We now have a really easy to use web service for signing. It uploads the software to sign, and downloads the signed software in 1 command on-demand
    • We're also working on MacOS & Windows signing which will be available later.
    • Paul asked if community members can use the signing service as well. Andrew confirmed they can, but only for community project builds.
  • Project status
    • Building in the LTS forge today: Mylyn, EGit, JGit, CDT, Eclipse platform, tycho, m2e
    • Working to adopt CBI: WTP, Stardust, others
    • We either learn about projects adopting CBI from their questions or as we step through the list of projects manually inventorying who's using what.
  • Contributions
    • Thank you to Red Hat (Krzysztof Daniel & colleagues) for a significant contribution to make SWT & Equinox launchers buildable with CBI.
    • This contribution lets one build SWT and the Equinox launchers themselves, or simply re-use pre-built binaries.
  • Software distribution
    • Jesse mentioned there are a large number of bugs in bugzilla related to
    • Andrew shared his opinion that getting software distribution right is imperative for Community, LTS, Polarsys, LocationTech, and future working groups. There is too much software and there will be too many versions of it to have people copying it around by hand without overwhelming our limited resources. In practical terms, Andrew plans to make this a focus of CBI 2.0 and is soliciting help from those interested.
    • Jesse offered to help. (Thanks!)

Planning and next steps

  • LTS Founders
    • Please sign the IWG participation agreement ASAP. Deadline is July 18th.
  • Press release draft for launch
    • We'll circulate it in July
    • Plan is for August release
  • Recruiting
    • Andrew shared some of the struggles recruiting LTS members. Very positive feedback on the program however not translating into increased membership based on a few key reasons. e.g. 1) Backwards compatibility always works 2) never had an issue before, etc.
    • Paul reiterated these points and agreed we need to take steps to convince people of the value of LTS. He rightly mentioned that this is a continual process and part of our meetings on an ongoing basis.
    • Ralph suggested using case studies from other areas such as Automotive to make the need and value more clear. Positive feedback from others on this idea. ACTION: Ralph to suggest case studies & share with the team
  • Next Month's meeting
    • Differing opinions on how to schedule next month's meeting: fixed monthly date vs. schedule each manually
    • Andrew to send out Doodle invitation & facilitate scheduling the next meeting [Doodle sent, ACTION: Everyone give input by July 6th]

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