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DSDP/DD/DSF Phone 20-May-2008

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Location & Time

Tuesday, May 20th, 10:30 AM (EDT)


Pawel, Ted (WRS), Marc, Francois (Ericsson)

Topics/Bugs to cover

  • Testing of RC1.
    • Build: bug 199241.
    • Since we're building candidates every week, we shouldn't respin the build unless we have a blocker bug.
  • To branch or not to branch?
    • Francois +1 to branch.
    • Marc +1 to branch.
    • Pawel will email dev list for the official vote.
  • Viewer update bug 232573.
    • Marc: we also have a problem with executing not the top stack frame.
  • AbstractMIControl bug 232846.
    • Target for RC2
  • Windows breakpoint problem
    • Francois will play with source lookup to try to fix the problem.

Outstanding Action Items

  • Pawel to look at CDT changes need to show global variables. bug 208921
  • Marc to take ownership of the stack service.
  • Pawel to add linking of testing page to release notes to the testing process.
  • Add the update site to the DD downloads page

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