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Agenda - 11-June-08

  • update on DOJO situation (Jimmy, Ruth)
  • V0.9 - go ahead with the first week of August as originally planned?
  • i12 plan. To get something into the i12 plan you will need:
    • a design doc. This is to ensure that everyone who could be impacted is informed so that they too can do any related designs. This also helps to come up with more accurate sizings.
    • a sizing
    • a use case
    • i12 plan
  • Around the room

COSMOS Community Meeting Minutes June-18-2008

Att: Saurabh Rich Srinivas Yan Martin Bill JT Leonard Ali Paul Sheldon Mark Jason Hubert Jimmy Ruth

V0.9 and DOJO

  • V0.9. Go ahead as planned just without the UI. Add the UI in later when we got approval? Build mechanism for SDD? Not far along yet for Tech Preview status. Two things for SDD: 1. including SDD or not and other 2. SDD would need one version that installs the UI and one that doesn't. We don't have enough of a SDD runtime in place to do either at this point. To the outside world, until SDD and DOJO are sorted out, they will either see how we install things now without the UI, or they will see how we install things without the UI at some point, or at some point we'll see the UI included in that. Going to need to modify the SDD putting together for COSMOS as an example. We're going to need two SDDs describing COSMOS and two install packages that will need to be made available.
  • Aperi example MDR. As far as Paul is aware, only way you can get that MDR to work is to install Aperi, and to install Aperi means to install DOJO. Aperi also rely on an example Derby database? Put the sample Derby database.
  • Aperi is prereqing DOJO and they're prerequing DOJO 0.4. That version ok? Don't know.
  • any option other than releasing without the UI?
  • we have talked to the DOJO folks. In the 1.0 they increased their pedigree. Maybe we need to broker a meeting between the DOJO folks and the Eclipse folks. If we look in the previous IP, some of that is there already.
    • Option 0: Not to release 0.9
    • Option 1: Release 0.9 without the UI
    • Option 1.1: Release 0.9 with a tech preview of the UI
    • Option 2: Delay 0.9 pending closing the DOJO issue

DOJO IPZilla email thread with Alex Russle from DOJO

  • Ruth to contact Bjorn to see if we can release a 0.9 with the UI as a tech preview. Plus clearly linking to DOJO is not allowed, but can we mention it on our web site?

Technical review of documentation

  • Rich can take changes in many different ways. Monday is the latest that Rich can take changes.
  • can we remove the IBM watermark on the front page?
  • images? no images in the PDF. There are some images. The way DITA is structured, we're not supposed to use images because they get out of date. We're instructed to remove the images when possible. Depending on where we go with DOJO, screenshots would be inadvised also. How much impact is the DOJO going to have on the documentation?
  • what are the guidelines for us when including images on a wiki page? If you really think that one should be there then add it in the email to Rich
  • need to ensure that every use case is mentioned in the documentation if they are still valid? no use cases mentioned in the docs. For every use case there should be a cross-check because it's valuable function and as such should be documented.
  • don't change the docs until we have a resolution on DOJO?
  • the same people who were responsible for topics last time, same assignment.
  • Jimmy to get some internal CA people to review the documentation
  • team leads to review first and send back comments to Rich
  • is it expected to add i11 content in by Monday?
  • Rich checked out TaskModeler but from what he read it seems to be easy to use. Task Modeler Rich uses an IBM tool named ID Workbench. DITA files themselves are open source; they are human-readable XML files. Adobe Framemaker can also edit DITA files.
  • seems wrong that we need to train someone in particular. Rich to take us through the process on Friday? With the DITA source there's a lot of requirements and tagging in how you tag things specifically. It's not like HTML. There's a lot of validation that goes on. The tools themselves regular which tags you can use. If you're using DITA then you need to use one of the tools. Can't mark up the XML with notepad.
  • How do other Eclipse projects update their documentation? It depends on the project.

eMeeting information for the use case at 12:30 today

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