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Phoenix Documentation

See Using Phoenix for more up-to-date information. Most of this page is out of date.

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Getting Started

If you're an committer and wish to use Phoenix for your project website:

  • Download the Phoenix Starter Kit
  • Extract the starter kit to your project's webspace
  • Edit the _projectCommon.php file to select your theme and define navigation links for your project
  • Copy template.php as the PHP file you want to create, and add your HTML content between the markers
  • Commit _projectCommon.php and your new PHP pages to the Eclipse Website CVS repository
  • Refer to Using Phoenix in the Committer Tools

If you wish to use Phoenix for your web site:

To use the Solstice skin, see Using Phoenix Solstice Theme.

If you download the Soltice starterkit, you maye also have a look at these 3 files:

To learn more about the files behind Phoenix:

  • Connect to our git repo and checkout the project
  • Copy the checked-out directories to your web site
  • Edit the _projectCommon.php file to select your theme and define navigation links for your project.
Some examples:

To test drive Phoenix locally in XAMPP or Apache HTTPD, see Eclipse Server Sandbox Setup.

If you wish to submit a new skin for

  • Connect to our git repo and checkout the themes folder
  • Familiarize yourself with the CSS styles in layout.css and visual.css and their rendering components (the PHP files)
  • Create a new skin using the same CSS class names (homeitem, midcolumn, etc)
  • Submit your new skin as a zipped attachment to a new bugzilla under Community - Website


Listing committers and project leads:

Other lists you can link to:

Refining the Google CSE results with inurl

When you add the Google CSE search form to a page by default it returns results from 'all' of But what if you just want to get all of the results from the newsgroups? Well there is only one choice that is simple,easy and clean, you add the following hidden input type to the search form:

<input type="hidden" name="hq" value="">

By altering the value of the url that follows the 'inurl' you can set what sites and subsections of sites your results are filtered by. Best of all this field is sticky so if you keep searching on the results page, the new results will still have the same filter applied.

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