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WTP 2008-05-22

WTP Development Status Meeting 2008-05-08


Project Leads
Konstantin Y
Nitin Y
Kathy Y
Chuck Y
Raghu Y
Neil Y
David Y
Helen Y
Bob Y
Carl Y
Dave Y
Phil Y
Kaloyan Y
Larry Y
Kate Y
Brad Y
Valentin Y
Gary Y
Nick Y

Announcements And Reports

Focus on Requirements Planning (David today ... and Raghu)

Nearly Done. Two requests of Project Leads:

  • Let's triage remaining list of 'plan' keyword items that are not resolved, and not marked future or not targeted. (i.e. it doesn't make sense to have marked 'plan' but untargeted ... or, what does it mean?)
  • Project leads, please take 20 minutes to polish Web_Tools_Platform_Release_3.0_Requirements
    • If anything is in "proposed", move to committed or deferred
    • Make sure any "completed" item is categorized as one of the themes, or "other" (just to show it does fit any of the standard ones).
  • Minutes:
Raghu: Team still need to move from committed to deferred/completed state, common still have some outstanding
Konstantin: Common will move

Post WTP 2.0.2

  • Some issues are still being investigated.
  • 201318 [hotbug] EAR Libraries container fails to initialize for 2...
  • 230256 [hotbug_request] jst.jee JEEDeployableFactory refuses to load ejb3 module
  • Minutes:
Carl: 230256 - need to come to a decision on that one
David: get to it in the next week? Tentitively note to prepare patch for the other ones, this will be our 3rd patch
Konstantin: when do we make a 203?
David: pls make request on wtp-dev or bugzilla. Currently there is 1 request from the JBoss group in the bugs. We can assess for a month after we ship 3.0. but team will need to request for it.

WTP 3.0 End-Game

We are now in phase where stability is most important and fix only the worst, safest bugs.

One PMC review required before releasing to build. (All PMC should review, and any can veto, even once approved, though would be rare, and with good reason).

User/SDK docs can be updated up to RC1 without PMC approval, beyond which PMC approval will be needed


RC2 05/27
Code done by Thur. noon 5/22
Smoke tests on Thur. afternoon 5/22
"Unofficial Declare" on Friday 5/23
Make official on Tuesday 5/27
Upcoming Holidays:
5/26 Memorial Day (US)

Upcoming Schedule

RC3 06/02
Code done by Wed. 5/28
Smoke tests on Thur. 5/29
"Unofficial Declare" on Friday 5/30
Make official on Monday 06/02
RC4 06/09
Code done by Wed. 6/4
Smoke tests on Thur. 6/5
"Unofficial Declare" on Friday 6/5
Make official on Monday 6/9
Ganymede 06/16
Code done by Wed. 6/11
Smoke tests on Thur. 6/12
"Unofficial Declare" on Friday 6/14
Make official on Monday 6/16


  • All approved RC2 code in by noon today (Eastern).
Build would then be ready by around 5 PM this evening (Eastern).
Smoke test, when asked, what ever build is ready then.
We'll continue to re-build as pre-reqs finish up.
Please sanity new builds as the pre-reqs move up

Please continue the Build Breakages Board.

  • Mintues:
There is a request to check in code by the end of day today
Raghu: JSF planning on doc changes only
Konstantin: only 1 left
code checked in asap tonigh
smoketest to be issued first thing in the morning
team should focus on completing smoketest tomorrow
US holiday on Monday
declare RC2 on Tuesday
RC3 code cutoff on Wed, tight schedule


  • Weekly Thursday smoketest - sanity check to declare each RC driver
RC2 Smoketest
  • Minutes:
Teams need to update the test plans
Adding JRE column into the table, teams pls update


The help has a file called "Limitations and Known Issues" - this functions as a type of readme so that users can easily search for problems that have known workarounds. I wouldn't mind taking 2 minutes to discuss:
a) whether or not we want to keep this in the help or move it to a wiki where we can update it as workarounds are found
b) or if we keep it in the help, to remind everyone that they need to review the current content and add anything they can think of.
  • Minutes:
Keep with using help doc, not on wiki
Kate: opened a bug 233531, please use to add updates using comments
Kate: prefer everything under this 1 bug
David: RC4 is the last time to update changes if required

Bug Lists to Ramp Down

All Blockers and Criticals (~8) (~(8)
All Hot Bugs and Requests (~0) (~0)
All Remaining Targeted Enhancements (~19) ~(7)
Remaining Targeted Bugs (~288) (~190)
Note: a 3.0.1 target was added to bugzilla (not M301 301), to better re-target some of the bugs.
Resolved but Unverified Blockers/Criticals By Assignee (~39) (~41)
  • Minutes:
201318: already talked about it for 202
231453: not for RC2
228366: been in many releases, not a regression, looking at it very hard, might wait till 301, opened a bug to platform but that's only a part of the problem, change it to RC3 and see if its possible. Gary: BE is mainframes, LE is windows
David:frequency of occurence if its only on mainframes
233196: Lary: suspect shouldn't be blocking
231257: Phil: just got it today, will not be fixed for this release, main bug on platform is targeted to 3.5, leave to major, retargted to match the platform bug
231348: Chuck: haven't seen it, but haven't been able to reproduce it

Thursday to Tuesday HEAD Builds?

See Proposal to keep HEAD very clean, so it's essentially an I-build without 'release'.

Do they need to be automated? 6 hours? 8 hours? Or, is "on demand" easy enough?

Release Review Requirements

  • Need zip file of about.html files by 5/15
  • Release Review will be June 4th, 11 AM Eastern Time. All (sub) project leads are encouraged to phone in.

IP Log

  • In general, Project leads should review our IP Log for completeness and correctness.
  • non-Committer Contributions
* bugzillas with contributed patches should be marked with contributed keyword
* There are some WTP IP Tools to help explore potential contributions.


  • Make sure copyrights are up-to-date and according to Eclipse Foundation form:
See Default Eclipse Foundation Copyright and License Notice

Check for "license files"

  • Check 'about.html' files exists
  • are valid
  • have correct "layout" in directories
  • References:
In the general eclipse legal section
Is one page that speaks to the about files directly
In particular, note there are two that refer to literal HTML only versions, to use as your starting point.
Also, please read
It goes into detail about the locations, needs for plugins and features, and also mentions that third party content requires a seperate license file.

Performance Focus (Kaloyan)

No progress for the last two weeks. Still fighting with the Results Graph Generator.

API Tools/Scans (Kaloyan)

Can we run reports? Though they are hard to spot errors since out of date ... perhaps we can "diff" reports?

Other business

Had good discussion of what the JavaDoc issues are, with promises to follow up on wtp-releng. David: 15 min videos to cover the project, suggest to a couple made for WTP bybproject leads

Raghu/JSF: yes 10 mins
Neil/JPA: yes 15 mins
Kaloyan/EJB/JEE5capabilities: yes, a few mins, not a full movie
Nitin: JSDT, will take a look and see what's new
Phil/Brad: yes
Kathy: a few things, enhancements or new functionalities?
David: Major enhancements are find also
Chuck: yah some things that we can show, a few wizard that Kaloyan has contributed

Teams Status and Focus for Coming Week

Source Editing

  • Ongoing triaging of incoming bug reports
  • Working on updating bug backlogs
  • Triaging remaining 3.0 requirements and targeted bugs

Server Tools

Web Services/WSDL

  1. Ongoing triage of incoming and existing bugs.
  2. Fixing and verifying bugs.

Java EE

Dali JPT

  • JPT 2.0
    • Working on:
      • EclipseLink support
      • Bugs for M7
      • Performance


  • Feature exceptions
  • Bug Fixes


  • We will be changing the way we generate source features/plugins
See bug 132094 for details, implications, and links to more info.


  • Branching Strategy
In general, the minimum is if you branch a plug-in to branch all the plug-ins in the corresponding map file. It is fine to branch everything if you choose as well. We may need to reorganize map files slightly and we can investigate that on a case by case basis. This is intended to be a living document and open to evolutions and improvements.
  • Instructions for tagging existing and new WTP wiki pages can be found at WTP's Category page; remember, we can create subcategories as well
  • This Week's Smoke Test Results
WTP Smoke Test Results R30
Information about process for milestone bugzilla line item planning has been added to the WTP Bugs, Workflow, and Conventions document.
PMC Candidate Review Request Checklist - See the updated PMC Review document with attention to the "How To Prepare a PMC Defect Candidate" section
Adopter Migration Information for WTP 2.0 - Please add any details for your component.
  • Website
Documentation on Setting up your system for Web Tools Web site development and Using Web Tools Phoenix PHP templates is on the wiki at Web Tools Web Site Development.
  • Bug Day
Monitor and participate in Bug Day if you would like.
Mark any applicable bugs with keyword "bugday", but only if you'll have a representative on hand to respond through Bugzilla or in IRC
Current WTP Bug Day bugs (~53)

Bug Backlogs

All Untriaged WTP Bugs (Graph)
All Untriaged WTP Bugs (~244)
All WTP Verified, Not Closed Bugs (Graph)
All WTP Verified, Not Closed Bugs (~398)
All WTP Resolved, Unverified Bugs (Graph)
All WTP Resolved, Unverified Bugs (~2098)
All WTP Defect Backlog (Graph)
All WTP Defect Backlog (~3131)
All WTP Future Bugs (~422)
All Open WTP Bugs with Patches Attached (Graph)
All Open WTP Bugs with Patches Attached (~205)
All API Requests (~9)

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Focus on Backlog and Quality metrics (Neil)

Current Focus Item
  • Options are
  • Target bug for a release or "future"
  • Mark as Invalid or Wont Fix
Upcoming Focus Item
Past Focus Items
  • Invalid - Enhancement does not fit with the scope of the project or is already implemented.
  • helpwanted keyword - This is a valid request, but due to committer resources and other priorities, outside help will be needed to make this happen.
  • Future - I would use this in conjunction with the helpwanted keyword. I use this for legitimate requests that are important but will not make any planned release, but likely will make a future release.
  • Before July 1st, 2007 - 21
Where did they all go?
  • Minutes:
Neil: will focus on untargeted enhancements again after Release of 3.0

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