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Vorto / Describing Devices / Entities

Eclipse Vorto supports defining arbitrary complex datatypes and enums. On one hand the purpose of this feature is to allow sharing and reusing them between functionblocks. On the other hand it is possible to create representations of specific data that contain additional semantic information. The datatypes (in Vorto they are called entities) can be created using a specific DSL.

Example: Temperature_Unit

namespace vorto.examples.units
version 1.0.0

enum Temperature_Unit {

Example: Temperature

namespace vorto.examples.sensors
version 1.0.0
using vorto.examples.units.Temperature_Unit; 1.0.0

entity Temperature {
	mandatory value as float
	mandatory measurement_unit as Temperature_Unit

Example: RGBColor

namespace vorto.examples.color
version 1.0.0

entity RGBColor {
    mandatory red as int <MIN 0, MAX 255>
    mandatory green as int <MIN 0, MAX 255>
    mandatory blue as int <MIN 0, MAX 255>

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