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VJET/User Guide

Installation Instructions

Writing JS

After installation switch to the VJET perspective

Then Create a VJET project

Then create a new JS file

In your new .js file type control + space and see content assist help you with Primitive Javascript and Browser apis.

Writing JS and using other JS files

If you want to let VJET know about variables or functions that you want to use from another file see

Using a JavaScript Library


Using VJETDoc

While writing .js files you can add comments your file for "typing" your js functions and variables.

Here is a simple example where one comment helps find errors

More information on VJETDoc


VJET Vjo is a lightweight Javascript library which can be used to define objects in JavaScript.

Hello World Example using vjo.js

Migrating from org.ebayopensource version of VJET

How to use Java to JavaScript?

How to use JavaScript to Java?

How to use 3rd party javascript libraries?

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