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Outdated page

This page contains obsolete information about the VPM based VIATRA2 and preserved for archive purposes only.
The currently maintained wiki is available at

Getting VIATRA2

Refer to the Installation page for instructions on obtaining and installing VIATRA2.

Learning to use VIATRA2

For new users of VIATRA2, we recommend the following introductory material:

  • VIATRA2 is a Model Transformation (MT) tool. The concept of model transformation is explained in the Model Transformations Intro.
  • The Using Transformations page presents a tutorial on using existing VIATRA2 transformations. Covers the user interface basics, including an example-guided exercise about loading instance models, exploring the model space, running a ready-made transformation and extracting its output.
  • The Model Editing page gives an intro on models in VIATRA2. Features a more in-depth introduction to the VIATRA2 model space, including the VPM metamodel, structure, as well as UI support for browsing and editing.

Learning transformation development

  • Basics concepts of the VIATRA2 transformation language are introduced in the Creating Transformations page.
  • Afterwards, to learn transformation development, the Hello World tutorial is the place to start. Includes a walk-through of creating and populating a model space with a very simple model, the creation of a "Hello World!" transformation, and two more transformation programs for demonstrating the concepts of pattern matching and model manipulation.
  • Next, we recommend proceeding to the Case Studies page, where numerous example transformations are showcased. It is especially useful to start with the Activity Diagrams to Petri Nets transformation, which is a very simple tutorial intended for learners, and includes a small exercise.

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