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VIATRA 1.2 - New and Noteworthy

Combined EMF-IncQuery and VIATRA

VIATRA 1.2 includes both the high-performance query engine of EMF-IncQuery and includes an event-driven transformation engine. This shared stack supports the development of various tasks, including batch and event-driven transformations, complex event processing and design space exploration concepts.

Having all elements in a single project allows a very tight integration between the various components, providing a better user experience.

Graduation of the transformation engine

In VIATRA 1.2 the transformation API supporting both batch and event-driven transformations have graduated: the API has been stabilized, usage documentation was added. For details, see VIATRA/Transformation.

Other issues

Not counting the merge of EMF-IncQuery, VIATRA 1.2 is mainly a bugfix release, with 80+ different issues fixed, resulting a more stable environment to write model queries and transformations.

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