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VIATRA/Query/UserDocumentation/RETE Visualizer

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Old information
This page is not updated anymore; for more up-to-date details look at the language specification at instead.

Rete Visualizer


  1. Install the Query Visualization feature group from the VIATRA update site.
    1. Before VIATRA 1.6 this feature relied on a pre-release version of GEF4 Zest; the version available from the GEF update sites did not work. Use the version from the VIATRA update sites.
    2. Since VIATRA 1.6 GEF 5 is used
      1. JavaFX support is required
      2. e(fx)clipse runtime and GEF5 is required. They are both available from the Oxygen release train.


VIATRA Rete Visualizer.png
  1. Go to Window | Show View | Other... and choose Rete Visualizer.
  2. Load the instance model and the pattern in Query Results view.
  3. Click on the pattern name to visualize it.
  4. To change the visualized Rete net, unload the pattern and load with the green start button.
  5. You may change the layout by clicking the downward pointing triangle and going to the Layout menu.

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